Best Professional Chainsaw in 2021 – (Reviews & Comparison)

Best Rated Professional Chainsaw

If you are a professional arborist or lumberjack, you know that you can’t rely on domestic chain saws. Not only will they not provide you with the type of stamina a professional chainsaw gives you, they are often not built to the same quality and as the saying goes, buy cheap, buy twice.

If you are in the market for a new chainsaw or you have recently qualified to become an outdoorsman that needs a chain saw, you need to be looking at professional saws that will endure, even in the roughest of conditions, but where do you start?

There are so many available on the market that you can be oversaturated with a choice. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We have gathered the 10 best professional chainsaws of 2021 to make your life easier and we’ve also written a buying guide to make sure you make the best decision.

Top 10 Professional Chainsaw Reviews 2021

Here, we review the best professional chainsaw for your day to day use. Let’s have a look:

1. Husqvarna 460 Rancher 20 Inch Gas Chainsaw

When it comes to professional chainsaws, Husqvarna is a household name that echo’s quality and for good reason. They are a long-established company and their motors are reliable and hard working. The 20-inch 460 rancher is a gas-powered chain saw that is an excellent all-rounder that provides you with even power distribution all the way up to 9000rpm.

The self-oiling chain mechanism is well designed and located to make sure that the chainstays well lubricated and doesn’t get loaded with debris.

The unit itself is very light at 12.79lbs and you would be forgiving to think that due to the weight and the 60.3cc engine that the vibrations and potential kickback may be too much to handle, but this isn’t the case at all. The entire unit is well constructed and easy to handle and the 20-inch bar is easy to manoeuvre even when making tough cuts.

The 460 Rancher has been designed for maximum efficiency, there is no need to have to fiddle around in remove, clean and even change over the air filter. The same ethos has been applied to chain tightening, this is easily accessible to make sure that you can do this quickly and well. The saw is also powered by a start stop button, so no need to have to pull it in order to kick it in to life.

  • 20 inch highly manoeuvrable bar
  • Well designed to limit kickback and vibrations
  • Easy to reach chain tightening mechanism
  • Easy to remove, clean and change the air filter
  • Excellent at working with an array wood
  • There is only start/stop operation, there is no pull cord which some users may dislike
  • Prior to assembling you will need to read the manufactures guidelines

2. DEWALT DCCS670X1 Most Powerful Professional Chainsaw

If you don’t want a gas-powered chain saw, a viable alternative is the DeWalt Cordless. It comes with a 60v lithium Ion battery as standard, which offers approximately 70 cuts per charge. As there isn’t a traditional motor attached, the DeWalt is far lighter than gas powered alternatives, making a hyper manoeuvrable chainsaw.

If you are looking for a smaller saw that you won’t need to use all day every day, this could be a good option for you. Coming in at 12.2lbs with a 16-inch bar, it won’t stand up to bigger cuts, but is ideal for cutting through deadwood and smaller tasks.

One of the benefits of electric powered motors is the reduction of vibration, you won’t have to fight against motors, and you will find the power delivery of the unit far smoother than its gas powered alternative. When you use it, you will also notice the reduced kickback, but just in case a kickback does occur, there is a chain break for safety.

The DeWalt has taken quick access and use into account when they designed this tool, the tool free chain tensioning and bar tightening is done with knobs rather than tools. So if you are mid job, there is no need to stop what you are doing and reach for the spanners, simply adjust with your hands and carry on.

  • Reduction in maintenance time and spend when compared to a gas mower
  • Self-lubricating system keeps the chain well oiled
  • Light weight and ergonomically designed
  • Reduction of vibration and kickback as it is battery powered
  • One charge will perform approximately 70 cuts
  • Make sure that when you use it, the oil cap is completely done up as it can leak
  • This chainsaw won’t endure heavy usage on a daily basis

3. Remington RM4618 46cc 5-Point Anti Vibration System

The Remington boats a 46cc engine that provides excellent power delivery, but it has vastly reduced vibration and kick back, this is due to the 2-cycle engine that gives you more control over the throttle, even at the top end. Whilst it only has an 18-inch bar, what it lacks in length, it makes up for in bite.

This saw is built for heavy duty use and will give you sustained performance time after time as long as you maintain it in the correct manner.

What we really liked about the Remington is that it has been designed for ease of use, the ergonomic handle vastly reduces the impact of cutting vibrations on your hands and you don’t feel as fatigued after a long day’s use. You benefit from quick start technology that has been incorporated into the design, so no need to pull start, just simply press a button and you’re away.

The automatic oiler makes sure that your chain remains lubricated throughout use, so you won’t find any pinch points or any potential snapping. It is also very easy to refill the oil, so you won’t be messing around trying to find where the oil goes.

  • Ergonomically designed with 5-point anti vibration system to reduce fatigue on your hands
  • 2 cycle gas powered engine gives you sustained and even power distribution
  • Cast Iron body is heavy duty and tough wearing, making sure that the saw will last even in the toughest of environments
  • Automatic oiler and easy to fill oil tank
  • Quick start system
  • You will need to adjust the chain frequently
  • Cast Iron Body makes the tool unbalanced

4. Oregon CS1500 15 Amp Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw

The Oregon corded electric saw is the ideal choice for someone that doesn’t want to have to maintain a gas-powered saw and will only ever use a saw in close proximity to their home or power sockets. The 15-amp motor is smooth and quiet, giving you a consistent cut so you can work through those bigger logs.

It is a heavier saw at 12.8lbs, so some users may struggle with the weight of it, but as it is electronic, you will find that the lack of vibrations makes this weight a lot easier to manage than the gas-powered counterparts.

The Oregon has an 18-inch bar, which is one of the reasons as to why it weighs so much, but you need power behind an 18 inch bar if you want it to work in the manner in which it is intended.

The Standout feature of the Oregon is that it can self-sharpen the chain, it comes with an inbuilt sharpening stone to keep your chain fresh and sharp. What we really liked about this saw is that even though it is electric and corded, you are actually able to make use of the full 18-inch bar length, this is something that lets down other corded chain saws.

  • Electric and corded means you won’t ever have any problems starting it, simple press and go
  • No associated maintenance when compared to a gas-powered chain saw
  • 18-inch bar that you are able to use all of due to the 15amp motor
  • Self-Sharpening
  • Quiet and consistent power delivery
  • Lack of ergonomic considerations
  • The chainsaw itself is heavy but it isn’t built for heavy duty activities

5. Husqvarna 455 Rancher Lightweight Professional Chainsaw

The 455 is a powerful unit that is suited to people who need to clear the land from deadwood and trees that have fallen. The 20 inch bar will make light work of pretty much anything that you put in front of it, you just need to make sure that you have the strength to be able to deal with vibrations and potential kickback as this is a heavier unit at 12.8lbs.

Husqvarna have been making chainsaws for a long time and you can feel that engineering standard when you use the 455 rancher. Nothing is difficult to accomplish on it and everything has been designed that particular way for a reason.

Whilst you will need tools to adjust the chain, this isn’t a bad thing, as weak plastic buttons don’t hold up in comparison to manual adjustments. It may take a little more time to adjust, but the payoff is chain saw that will give you consistent results.

Not only is the 455 Rancher easy to use given the size of it, it is also easy to start. This is an area that usually lets higher powered chainsaws down, the smart start technology makes sure that you can always start it, regardless of the weather or how strong you are feeling.

  • A high-powered heavy-duty chain saw that will stand up to heavy duty use.
  • 20-inch bar will cut through and fell most sized logs and trees
  • Chain guard prevents dangerous kickback
  • Reduced vibration and noise
  • Easy to access chain tensioner
  • The 455 is a heavy chainsaw and it may be difficult for some people to manage
  • Requires maintenance and servicing

6. XtremepowerUS 82100-XP – Best Large Professional Chainsaw

The XtremepowerUS 82100-XP has one of the largest bars we have found that runs and cuts efficiently and well. The 2-stroke gas powered engine gives you excellent power all the way through the RPM range, making sure there are no dead spots or any areas of lag.

The 45cc engine will cut through almost anything you throw at it with a top end speed of 12000 RPM, it will give you an amazing finish in very little time at all.

The XtremepowerUs comes with an electronic start, so even on the coldest of days you can be sure that you will be able to get it to kick into life, this also vastly reduces the chances of injury from pull starts.

The ergonomic design also incorporates an antivibration feature, which makes sure that you can use it all day without feeling it in your hands and knuckles.

One of the standout features of this saw is the clean air filtration system. The filtration system of this particular chain saw limits the amount of dust and debris that enters the system, which vastly increases the lifespan of the saw. It is also very easy to remove the air filter and clean it.

  • 44cc gas powered motor that gives you 12000RPM and 2.4 HP to cut through even the toughest of wood
  • Easy to maintain, the air filter comes out and goes back in easily
  • Anti-Vibration technology and ergonomic design gives you comfortable use
  • 22-inch bar for big jobs
  • Electronic start
  • If the electronic start fails, there is no alternative start method
  • Lack of vibration reduction technology

7. Worx WG322 20V Entry Level Professional Chainsaw

The 20v Worx gives you a saw that you don’t need to regularly maintain as there are no spark plugs that you need to change which gives you a saw that is always ready for use. Its compact, lightweight design gives you a saw that you can easily manoeuvre and use without having to worry about your arms and hands becoming sore and tired.

Chain tensioning is quick and stress free, there is no need to put the saw down and go and get your tools, simply turn the knob and carry on cutting.

The 10-inch bar is the ideal size for medium to small jobs, but the consistent power delivery ensures that you can use the entire length of the bare.

Due to its compact nature, you can easily attach it to an extension pole to use it over head, giving you amazing range that you may not have been able to attain with other products. The batteries are quick charging and last a lot longer than we anticipated, making working easier and stress free.

  • Small and compact in nature, this saw weighs less than 10lbs
  • Easy chain adjustment, simply turn the knob and carry on cutting
  • You can attach this to an extension pole so you can use it overhead
  • Far quieter than gas powered chain saws
  • Top mount handle for excellent control and precision
  • This saw is for light to medium jobs only
  • If you don’t regularly tension the chain, it can come off the unit frequently

8. Husqvarna 966997203 T435 Top Handle Saw

The Husqvarna T435 is an excellent addition to anyone’s tool kit, regardless of if they are a professional arborist or not. It offers the user a far more compact and easier to manoeuvre saw, which is ideal if someone is new to this craft. What makes this tool special is that you are able to attach it to a rope and get it into a tree without much effort, it is far lighter than other market alternatives.

As you will be using this chainsaw in close quarters, due to its smaller size, Husqvarna have mitigated the impact of exhaust emissions by reducing them, it gives users of the most environmentally sound chainsaws on the market, which directly corresponds to the reduced gas consumption.

The chain break window is an excellent feature as it helps you see the guide bar tip, so you will know exactly where you are cutting. This little powerhouse of a saw is designed for precision work or work that you need to complete in close quarters.

It isn’t as powerful as others we have reviewed, but it is a must have for any arborists or tree professionals that need to work at height and in tight spaces.

  • A compact saw that is ideal for high up and tight working spaces
  • Anti-vibration technology
  • Rope attachment for hoisting
  • Reduced emissions and fuel consumption
  • Chain break window so that you can see the guide bar tip for precision cuts
  • Not ideal for bigger jobs due to the compact nature of the saw
  • It is a top handle design, which some users may not like

9. Makita XCU02Z 12 inch Bar Chainsaw

The Makita 18v cordless 12 inch is your ideal companion for those tight working spaces when you don’t want to deal with exhaust emissions or excessive noise. Not only is the battery exceptionally fast charging, making sure you can get back to cutting quicker, it also gives you longer cutting time than other batteries units on the market.

This particular model is designed with handle on top. This configuration will give you superb control over the cuts you are making, and you are able to see exactly what you are doing for extra precision.

It is an excellent addition to someone’s tool kit who needs a small compact saw on hand to prune and fell small trees.

The bar may seem a little small in comparison to others we have reviewed, but don’t let that deter you, you can use the entire bar throughout your cuts. This is due to the smooth power delivery that tops out at 1650 feet per minute. If you want to increase power further, you have the capacity to put in another battery that takes it to 36V.

  • Quick changing lithium Ion batteries
  • The position of the handle makes it ideal for smaller space working
  • No exhaust emissions and reduced noise
  • Cuts at 1650 feet per minute
  • As it is a battery powered saw, the vibrations are limited
  • The toolless chain adjustment can be tricky
  • Lack of ergonomic considerations

10. Poulan Pro PR5020 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Chainsaw

The Poulan Pro is one of the few brands who have actively attempted to reduce their fuel emissions, not only does this benefit the environment, it will also reduce your fuel bill by up to 20% with sustained use.

The results of this innovation give you a saw that is well designed and built, even with the 2-stroke engine, the vibrations are limited, and it is quiet in comparison to others on the market, making it a nice all-rounder. The 20-inch bar make sure that you can undertake bigger jobs with this saw, but the chain break will keep you safe, even if it does kick back.

One of the standard out features of this saw is the pull start system they have, unlike other saws in this category, Poulan have adapted the pull start and reduced the overall effort needed by 30%. Not only does this make for easier starting, it means you can start it first time, but you will have to read the manufactures guidelines to make sure you have the starting process on lock.

When you are mid work, the last thing you really want to do is have to stop and look around for your multitool in order to tighten up the chain. Poulan have thought of this and their design incorporates a storage area for the multitool so that it is always on hand. Not only does it make it more accessible, it also reduces the chance of you losing it.

  • Innovative engine design reduces gas consumption by up to 20%
  • Reduced vibrations and kickback, so even with a 20inch bar the saw is easy to control and handle
  • Storage area for the multitool on the saw
  • OxyPower increases BHP output
  • Chain break to keep you safe when you are using it
  • You will have to follow the start procedure each time
  • Has been known to stall out during bigger jobs

Professional Chainsaws: A Buying Guide

When you are face with so much choice, it can be tough to reach a decision about which saw is best for your needs. The last thing you want to do is rush in and make a decision that doesn’t suit your needs and that you aren’t happy with. The first thing to consider is what type of power you are looking for, is it gas, cordless battery powered, or corded electric?

Gas Powered

Gas powered is king and for good for reason, they give you amazing cutting capability and smooth delivery. You will find that gas powered chain saws are able to hold at their top end RPM for a lot longer than their battery powered counterparts. So you wont need to be running back to the van every hour to put the battery on charge. They are louder units, so you should be wearing ear protection when you use them along with other PPE to maintain your safety.

Gas powered chainsaws have also been around a lot longer than battery powered, so companies like Husqvarna that have been established for a long time know how to make quality saws. Some new gas-powered chain saws come with an electric push start, whilst these are excellent for saving outbacks and arms, sometimes they can be slightly temperamental, especially if you don’t follow the procedure for starting the chainsaw.

Battery Powered

If you are concerned about noise, then a battery powered chain saw can give you a viable alternative to gas. They also don’t have any exhaust emissions meaning breathing around them is easier. The only real drawback to battery powered motors is the batteries, they can hold for maybe an hour of top end heavy duty cuts before needing to be charged, so you’ll either need spare batteries that are charged and ready to go, or you will need to be in close proximity to a charging point when you are using it.

One upshot to battery powered chain saws, is the lack of servicing requirements. You won’t need to change the spark plug or check engine oil levels, as they are brushless motors, it’s a case of plug and play. So, if you aren’t mechanically minded or you are over having oil stained hands, modern day battery chain saws can give you a good alternative, especially if you are doing residential work and need to have access to power. One of the benefits of a battery powered saw is the on off switch, no more herniated disks and sore wrists!

Electric Corded

An electric corded chainsaw will give you a consistent power delivery throughout the length of the bar, so you are able to maximise the length of the bar, which is something that you can’t always achieve with a battery powered chainsaw. They are often lighter and don’t have the same level of vibration as gas driven chain saws, so if you don’t have a lot of upper body strength, you may find that a corded chain saw gives you a viable alternative.

Features To Consider Before Buying A Chainsaw

After you’ve selected what type of motor you like, now it is time to look at different features that different chainsaws have. When you are making this decision, you want to be considering how you are going to be using it. If you think you will spend your time on the ground cutting, you can look for a bigger saw, likewise if you think that you are going to be cutting from a height, a smaller more compact model may be ideal.

Bar Length

The bar is what the chain runs along to give you the cutting force and it is the primary method of measuring a saw, the bigger the bar, the bigger the wood it can cut, but the more power it will need in order to move the chain around the bar. If you think you need a big bar, you will need to make sure that you are investing in a high-powered saw, this will ensure that there aren’t dead spots along the bar, and you can make the most of the length.

There are some chainsaws out there that have a long bar length, but simply don’t have the power to keep the chain moving at high speed. This results in the saw hacking at the tree or wood rather than cutting through it. Not only can this be dangerous as it can result in kickback, but it won’t give you the nice clean finish that you want.

Handle Configuration

Once you have chosen what type of motor you want to have, the next choice is the handle configuration. You have two different types, top handle and rear handle, both are excellent for a particular job, but aren’t great at performing multiple different task, it’s a right tool for the right job situation.

The rear handle configuration is often found on tools with a larger bar length (From 16inches and up) it gives you a saw that you can use the entire length of the bar to cut through wood of a large size. Rear handles give you excellent control and also result in less vibration as you are at the farthest point away from the bar. Top handle configurations are usually found on smaller, more compact saws.

Having the handle on the top gives you an exceptional level of control, which is ideal for working in tight spaces or at heights. Top handles are usually found on smaller chain saws, and brands like Husqvarna have designed their products to minimise vibration and reduce injury from long standing use.

Anti-Vibration Features

You will always have to deal with vibration when you are using a chain saw, it is part and parcel of it. However, some companies have dealt with this better than others. Look for handles that have additional padding and foam that help to mitigate the effects of vibration.


Size is one of the biggest determining factors when you are choosing your saw and this directly correlates to the engine size that you want. The bigger the saw, the bigger the engine, motor or batteries that you will need to power it. Chainsaws will always be relatively unbalanced, but if you chose a big engine or motor with a short bar you may find it incredibly difficult to use. Bigger chain saws with longer bars come in around the 12lbs weight, so make sure that you are able to comfortably handle this type of weight before you make the purchasing choice.

Safety Tips

When you are using a chainsaw, safety is absolutely paramount. Ensure that you have the correct personal protective equipment and relevant training before you start using it. Failure to do either of these or both can result in serious injury or death. It is advised not to use a chainsaw when you are on your own, in the event of an incident there will always be someone there to help you.

Among various supportive products, chainsaw helmet is one that can protect your head, eyes and ears from kickback, tiny wooden pieces. Besides, It is good to wear a helmet as it protects you from many other accidents. Another must needed thing is safety chaps, which assures to keep your lower part of the body safe from any unwanted events.


Like your car, your chainsaw will need regular maintenance to keep it running sweet. If you are opting for a gas powered, you will need to change the spark plugs to ensure that it fires. If you are opting for an electric corded or battery powered instead, you won’t need to change the spark plug but you will need to engage with the other aspects of maintenance.

Keep the chain sharp, keep the oil reservoir filled to keep the chain lubricated and clean the debris off after each use. This way, when you return to your chainsaw it will always be in peak condition and ready to go. Also, get a chainsaw chain sharpener to keep your product running for a long time.

Expert Tip

Longer established chainsaw brands have had the time to invest in innovation technology as there are only so many ways to reinvent the wheel. We have found you well established brands here, so not only do they give you excellent chainsaws; they give you features that really work.


What Is The Best Way To Store A Professional Chainsaw?

You should be treating your new chainsaw like you would a new baby, and you wouldn’t leave a new baby outside regardless of the weather. Treat your chainsaw in the same manner, keep it in a place where it can stay dry and out of the elements. If you think you will be resting your chainsaw up for a while, take the chain off, clean the area, spray it with lubricant and then put it back together. You wouldn’t let your baby sleep in the dust and debris that it has collected over the course of the day, so don’t do it to your chainsaw.

Can I charge the chain on a professional chainsaw?

If maintained in the correct manner, you can expect a chain to last around 5 years, but that doesn’t mean they don’t suffer from breakages and potential snapping, so sometimes you have no choice but to change it. Changing chains is easy, but make sure you follow the manufactures guidelines on which chains to use and how to chain them!

What should I do before using a professional chainsaw?

Prior to starting use, you need to make sure that your saw is in good working order, so conduct safety checks and check the levels of oil and gas (if required) before you begin. Once you have established that the saw in safe, make sure your area is free from obstacles and as safe possible to work in. If you have never used a chainsaw before, it is strongly advised that you attend a course and get your tickets prior to beginning. This will show you how to use a chainsaw in a safe manner as well as show you how to conduct basic maintenance.

How Tough Is A Chainsaw?

This question has the same answer as how long a piece of string is. If you buy cheap, you will get cheap, so your chainsaw won’t be tough, but if you buy from the tools we have recommended, you are buying quality which relates to toughness. That doesn’t mean that you should treat it with contempt, but if you do drop it, it won’t be like dropping your iPhone and hearing a crack which you much rather would have come from your foot that you just dropped it on, rather than the screen.

Can I Leave Stored Fuel In The Chainsaw?

The simple answer is no if you can help it at all, don’t leave any fuel in it. The general notion of thought is if you have left fuel in it, you also haven’t cleaned or maintained it correctly, so you’ll have issues when it comes to using it again. Remember the baby analogy? Keep it clean, warm, well ventilated and away from things that could potentially stop it operating correctly.

Where Can I Use A Professional Chainsaw?

If you can cut down wood, you can use your chainsaw, except the Amazon, we need that. If you can use it in a safe manner, there is no end to the applications, it can be used at home, on site, on farmland or your neighbour’s house. You don’t need to wait for a specialist job to use professional chainsaws.

Using a chainsaw isn’t rocket science, but you do need to apply some common sense prior to use. If you aren’t trained in how to use a chainsaw, we strongly recommend getting some basic training before you undertake tasks. Likewise, if you don’t have the correct personal protective equipment, invest in this before you start using your new toy.

Like with all good things, they require time spent maintaining them, so if you want to get the most out of your saw, make sure that you maintain it in the correct manner along with manufactures guidelines. Spend time assembling and breaking down your saw so you get to know how it works and that way you’ll be well placed if any issues do arise.
Safety is paramount.

You are operating a tool that could cut through your arm faster than wood. Make sure you have the correct training and someone on hand if an accident were to happen. Get the right training and get the right PPE.

Final Thoughts

All of the chainsaws we have reviewed are excellent additions to anyone’s tool shed, regardless of if they are professional tree surgeons or not. If you are thinking of going pro, you want to invest in a chainsaw with limited plastic knobs, this way you can get to understand how to tighten and adjust a chain with tools, there is also less chance of damaging the mechanism if you drop it.

Before you settle on a tool, make sure you have thought about how you are going to be using it. If it is working at height or tight spaces, look for a smaller bar and a top handle configuration to give you full control.

If you are going to cut big deadfall a longer bar with a rear handle will give you the use of the entire bar and make your job far easier.

Last but not least. Still, you are in confusion about choosing a perfect one, then Husqvarna 460 24-Inch Rancher Chainsaw is the product for you as it comes with long-lasting power and heavy-duty use. Because it is the best professional chainsaw on the market

All of the saws here have been chosen as they excel in their field, all you need to do is chose one and then maintain it to make sure you get the most out of it.

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