Best 18 inch Chainsaw in 2021 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

best 18 inch electric chainsaw

Whether you are a professional arborist or have a farm that requires maintenance, having a good 18-inch chainsaw in your tool shed can make a hard job to an easy one.

An 18-inch saw is the jack of all trades, the sheer versatility you receive will make you fall in love with these jacks! However, not every chainsaw can withstand the workload you throw at them, so knowing what you want it for, and purchasing accordingly is the balance you’d want.

We have found the best 18 inch chainsaws available on the market and reviewed them to make sure you get the best one to suit your needs. We have also put together a detailed comparison to give you as much insight as we can before you settle on your purchase!

best 18-inch chainsaw

Top 3 Best 18-inch Chainsaw Comparisons

Best Overall
Worx WG304.1 15 Amp 18" Electric ChainsawHighlighted Features:
WORX WG304.1
20.60 x 14.60 x 8.10 inches
Corded Electric
18 inch bar and chain
Automatic oil lubrication
Best Overall
Worx WG304.1 15 Amp 18" Electric ChainsawHighlighted Features:
WORX WG304.1
20.60 x 14.60 x 8.10 inches
Corded Electric
18 inch bar and chain
Automatic oil lubrication

10 Best 18 inch-Chainsaw Reviews

1. Husqvarna 450 50.2cc 18 Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

Husqvarna will always be one of our favorite gas chainsaws producer and for a good reason. They have been doing it for a long time with consistency, putting out high-quality goods with exceptional features that make your life easier. And the 450 is no different.

One of the best things about this saw is the way you start it; there is no need to try and pull it into life over and over again. The signature Smart Start tech ensures a super-fast easy to start by reducing the starter cord’s resistance. This is also better for the engine as you vastly minimize the risk of engine-clogs.

The gas engine in the Husqvarna 450 is designed to provide comprised of forged internals to give it an incredible lifespan, and it is built for a heavy workload, day in day out. A unique Husqvarna tech, namely the X-Torq, results in the engine burning less fuel than previous models and reducing exhaust emissions as well. The 3.2 horsepower engine size makes sure you can use the full length of the bar, and there are no dead spots throughout the rev range.

As Husqvarna is so effective at making gas chainsaws, it gives them time to develop other aspects. This saw has amazing usability, and it won’t leave you feeling fatigued in your hands and arms after a day’s work, this is thanks to the anti-vibration system and ergonomic design. Adding all these features, this is the best 18-inch chainsaw you can buy.

Again this product comes with an exciting offer with their fuel. In every purchase, you will have 3 cans of 32 ounces of pre-mix fuel.

  • Smart Start technology reduces the risk of fuel-flooding
  • 2 horsepower engine with even power distribution
  • Lightweight at 10.8lbs
  • Fuel efficient
  • Ergonomic design
  • The instruction manual can be difficult to understand
  • The newly start technology can be confusing for beginners

2. BLACK+DECKER CS1518 15-Amp 18 Inch Electric Chainsaw

The Black + Decker comes with excellent electric chainsaws for someone who is looking for a powerful tool but doesn’t need to take it far into the woods. The price tag also brings great features for the machine.

The powerful 15-amp motor will give you smooth cuts through even the most demanding of wood as it comes with an exceptional Oregon 18-inch bar and chain. You won’t need to spend any time adjusting the chain, as saw automatically adjusts chain tension by a well designed chain tensioner and leave you free to cut more wood.

The 18-inch bar and lightweight chassis make for a chainsaw that is comfortable to use. As it is electric powered, you don’t have the additional weight of a gas-powered engine, so the entire unit only weighs 12lbs—this chainsaw is ideal for those who aren’t used to using heavy machinery. Furthermore, the weight makes it far easier to control and maneuver, even in smaller spaces.

As it is a corded electric chainsaw, you don’t need to worry about the costs associated with a gas-powered saw. Also, it vastly reduces the servicing requirements as with an electric saw; there is no spark plug or engine components to service.

The automatic chain brake feature will keep you safe and comes as a standard for this model. If you haven’t used electric chainsaws before or you want something easy to use, maintain, and store, this is a good option for you. The automatic oiler system is reliable and doesn’t need to be set; it really is a plug and play tool.

  • It is lightweight, only 12lbs
  • Comes with 18-inch Oregon chain and bar for excellent cutting jobs
  • As it is electric, there are no dead power spots
  • Easy to assemble and breakdown
  • Transparent window allows better oil flow visibility
  • Chain Brake feature for extra safety
  • Easy to assemble
  • You will need to check the oil regularly
  • The unit will require assembly
  • Works only with 120 volts only
  • Doesn’t come with chain oil in the package

3. WORX WG3041 15-Amp 18 Inch Electric Chainsaw

The Worx electric chainsaws pride itself on giving users the same experience as if they were using a gas chainsaw with the added benefit of a lightweight, quiet, and emission-free tool. They achieve this by giving the tool a 15amp motor that powers the 18-inch bar.

So you can be sure that even with the toughest of cuts, you won’t get bogged down. You can be sure that you will remain safe when you use it as the Worx comes with a chain brake and a low kickback bar.

The power delivery also gives users a smooth cut with no needless hacking. This is partly due to the high-quality components and Worx’s patented chainsaw chain tensioning system. The system is automatic, so there is no need for you to do anything. It keeps the chain at optimum tension level, even after sustained use to make sure you get the best cuts and don’t over tighten it.

The Worx is a lightweight, versatile tool that only weighs 11.3lbs, making it a far lighter alternative than a gas chainsaw. This, coupled with the ergonomic design, means you can keep using it all day without feeling even normal fatigue in your hands, wrists, and arms.

As it is electric, there is also a reduction in vibration, so it is comfortable to use for long periods. Another added benefit of the electric chainsaws are the reduced maintenance, as the automatic oiler keeps the chain lubricated and working. With an extension cord for power, you can have a good experience of joyful cutting by this chainsaw.

  • Lightweight at only 11.3lbs
  • Quiet and emission-free
  • Chain brake and low kickback bar for added safety
  • Patented chain tensioning system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Burns oil at a high rate
  • Can be difficult to put the chain back on

4. Echo CS-400 18 Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

The Echo CS-400 may seem like a basic chainsaw, but that is what makes it so brilliant. Whereas other brands have added features and innovated in other areas, the Echo has stood firm and produced basic but exceptionally reliable tools that will do the job.

With the Echo CS-400, you benefit from a 40.2cc gas engine that gives you enough power to be able to use the full bar length of the 18-inch bar, without it getting bogged down or start hacking away at the wood rather than give you a smooth cut. Besides the use of 2-stroke engine makes this CS-400 to work in a rougher situation.

The Echo CS-400 18 inch saw comes with a starting system called the i-30. It is an addition of a secondary helper spring that winds with a pull cord when it has hit the certain tension point it then releases to help turn the engine over. Even when it is cold, once the engine is primed, you are good to go. This also vastly reduces the chances of you flooding the engine with oil flow.

With this model of the Echo is designed to provide everything is practical and can be easily accessed. There is no difficulty in getting to the chain tensioning system or filling the oil. Whilst it has been designed for pros, the ease in which users can breakdown, clean, and reassemble means it can be used by newbies too. It is a very simplistic saw that will work time and time again.

  • Basic but highly effective chainsaw
  • 2cc engine for excellent power delivery across the entire bar
  • Lightweight and durable
  • I-30 starting system
  • Practical design
  • The package also offers engine oil.
  • No anti-vibration system
  • Generate more noises than an electric chainsaw

5. Blue Max 6595 45cc 18 Inch Gas Chainsaw

If you find yourself forever felling large trees or simply enjoy taking on big jobs, the Blue Max manufacturers have got a reliable tool for you.  It gives you a 57cc engine with an RPM of 2800. Again when you start slicing it can go up to 10,500 RPM. This strong power output makes sure you get the cuts you want.

The anti-vibration measures taken give you a unit that you can use all day without fear of becoming fatigued. The ergonomic considerations of the product also make it far easier to manage for a longer period. The unit is well balanced, so you won’t be working against it in order to make the precision cuts that you need.

The safety features considerations in the Blue Max is what really makes it stand out from other gas chainsaws.  The rapid reaction kickback brake makes sure you stay safer than ever. If a kickback does occur, the kickback brake will stop the machine instantly and do no harm. Besides the brake feature, this product comes with some other mentionable features like the handguard and the safety trigger. All they ensure that you will remain safe while in use, as long as you responsibly use the tool.

The blue max is also easy to maintain, the auto oiler keeps the chain well lubricated, and the tensioning system is easy to reach and operate.

  • 57cc engine for excellent power delivery
  • A well-balanced unit that you won’t be fighting against
  • Excellent safety considerations
  • Ergonomic design features
  • Anti-vibration features
  • Designed with a convenient On/Off switch
  • No easy start system
  • Once you have turned it off, it can’t be restarted until it cools

6. Remington RM4618 46cc 18 Inch Gas Chainsaw

The Remington RM4618 is a powerful gas chainsaw that will give you the performance you need regardless of the setting, be it your back garden or out on site.

The 46cc engine gives you excellent power distribution and allows the use of the entire 18 inch bar length without you having to stop because you’ve been bogged down. Although it is a heavier tool at 16.4 lbs, you can be sure that it is durable and ready for heavy-duty use like other gas chainsaws.

One of the best features of this particular saw is the 5-point anti-vibration system. Some companies don’t get this quite right, but Remington has managed to. So even if you are at the top end of the rev range, you remain comfortable and don’t feel as though you have to fight it. Your hands and arms won’t feel as fatigued, and you’ll be ready to go again tomorrow.

The side-access chain tension design makes sure that you can adjust the chainsaw chain quickly and easily. As it isn’t a knob system, there are limited fail points, which is simplicity at its best.

The automatic oiler keeps the chain well lubricated and will stop it from overheating even with heavy and hard use. All in all, this is an excellent all-rounder saw, for pros and hobbyists alike.

  • 46cc engine gives excellent performance
  • Easy start system
  • Side access chain tension system
  • 5-point anti-vibration design
  • Low kickback chain as standard
  • Offers various bar lengths design
  • Die-cast body adds a lot of weight
  • Not as well balanced as other units
  • Not suitable for robust work
  • Chain needs frequently sharping

7. Greenworks GCS80420 18 Inch Cordless Chainsaw

When we think of battery-operated chainsaws, one of the first chainsaw brands we come to is Greenworks. This is because they have been tinkering with battery-powered technology for a long time and really excel at producing high-quality tools and batteries.

The Greenworks PRO 18 inch 80v is a cordless battery chainsaws that gives you no emissions, very little noise, and low vibrations, giving you a smooth cutting experience. This machine is made with a combination of hard plastic and metals. Thus choosing this product will be a good option if you are focused on product designs.

Battery life is the most considerable point for battery chainsaws and this Greenworks is a remarkable 18-inch Chainsaw in that case. You get up to 150 cuts per battery charge, and this is measured at the top end of the motor’s rev range. So, you can comfortably tackle small to medium jobs with just one battery. With the motor, you get the equivalent of a 40cc engine, minus the weight, the fuel costs, and the servicing. Simply plug in the battery and go. One thing needs to mention that this chainsaw also has multiple battery capacity designs and equipped with necessary power tools. So no need to overthink about run out of power.

Because there is no traditional gas-powered engine, you get an unbelievably light unit. With the battery attached, it weighs a little over 10.8lbs. So, if you don’t have a lot of upper body strength or want a tool that you can pull up a tree with you, this is it. It comes as standard with anti-kickback technology, steel spikes, and an automatic oiler to make your life far easier. This product can be a good choice for you over this price tag.

  • Anti-kickback technology
  • One battery charge takes upto 30 minutes
  • 150 cuts at top rev-range
  • Automatic chain oiling system
  • No costly engine servicing
  • Some users may find it too light for big jobs
  • Not durable enough for professional use

8. Kobalt 80-volt Li-ion 18 inch Cordless Electric Chainsaw

The Kobalt is ideal for use in a garden or on a small range; it will easily tackle any job within the 30-in cut diameter’s capacity. As it is lightweight, you will have no problem walking with it from one end of your farm to another if you feel like it.

Furthermore, you don’t need to think about filling it with gas, simply put the battery in and away you go.

One of the best things about using battery chainsaws is how quiet they are, and the Kobalt is no exception. You will still need all your standard PPE, but you won’t need your ear defenders. Even when you are cutting, you can still talk over it.

A full battery charge will give you around 150 cuts with its full bar length, which is more than enough to tackle small jobs around your home. The quick-adjust chain tensioning system means that this tool is always ready to go. This battery chainsaw with 18-inch bar length is good enough for both DIY projects and heavy duty use.

The plastic body of the saw is rugged enough to be able to handle mid-level jobs yet light enough so that you end up having proper balance. The brushless motor delivers smooth and consistent power so you can make use of the 18inch bar length. Kobalt is also aware about safety features. If you do suffer from a kickback, the Kobalt has anti-kickback features to stop you from getting injured.

  • Suitable for heavy-duty workload
  • Very quiet, even when in use
  • No exhaust emissions
  • One charge gives you 150 cuts
  • Anti-kickback features
  • Once the battery has run out, you have to wait for it to cool
  • Plastic housing can become brittle in fluctuating temperatures

9. Oregon CS1500 18 Inch 15 Amp Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw

Oregon has been producing dependable chainsaws for years now, and the CS1500 is no different. This 18 inch chainsaw model is ideal for people who want to have access to a reliable tool that would be excellent for home use.

As Oregon is corded, it is silent between cuts, which makes using it far more comfortable. Again a long extension cord can help you to work far from the power source.

Furthermore, you can relieve yourself from the concerns of continuous servicing because unlike gas saws; electric chainsaws require little effort. The chain will stay oiled throughout the use thanks to the self-oiling system; all you need to do is top that oil reservoir up and plug it in.

The chain also self sharpens, so if you haven’t used a chainsaw before, this would be an excellent starter.

One of the benefits of a corded electric saw is that there is no need of a pull cord to start. Once you have plugged it in, all you need to go is push the on button. If you don’t have a lot of upper body strength, this saw is the choice for you as it only weighs 12lbs and doesn’t require any maintenance. Oregon can be a bottom line product, but all the pros and cons, the features it is offereing in these price point, has pulled it up to our best 18-inch chainsaw list.

  • Easy to start, simply push a button
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Powerful 15-amp motor
  • Self-sharpening chain
  • Uses Lubri-Tec self-oiling system
  • You need to pay constant attention to the chain
  • Doesn’t have enough torque for bigger jobs

10. Poulan Pro PR4218, 18 Inch 42cc Gas Chainsaw

As the name suggests, the Poulan Pro has been designed for professionals, but that doesn’t stop it being a great saw for residential use, too, as long as you have a bit of knowledge and previous experience.

Like the gas chainsaws mentioned earlier, this particular model comes with a 42cc gas engines with a bar length of 18 inch, which gives you amazing top-end power, which is perfect for handling storm damage or felling. Besides the use of a 2-stroke engine makes this PR4218 work in a rougher situation. The automatic chain oiler means your chain won’t get overheated.

As a standard, the Poulan comes with OxyPower technology. Not only does this reduce the amount of gas the saw uses up to 20%, but it also reduces the exhaust emissions by 70%. So, if you have to work in a tight space, this could be an excellent option for you.

If you’re a busy pro, you don’t want to take the air filter out regularly to clean or replace, Poulan has designed theirs, so you don’t have to keep on with this tedious task.

The quick-start technology relies on an easy to use purge bulb. If this is something you aren’t familiar with, you will need to read the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions before use. The anti-vibration technology gives you an excellent tool that is comfortable to use for long periods without your hands becoming sore.

  • OxyPower technology reduces fuel consumption and emissions
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Perfect for storm damage or felling trees
  • Anti-vibration technology
  • Ergonomic design
  • Efficient for cutting firewood
  • Comes with extra chain
  • Before use read the instructions on how to start
  • Not for first-time chainsaw users

Buying Guide

Before you buy your saw, think about when you are going to be using it. Seasonal variations can influence how you care and maintain your chainsaw, and you don’t want to be caught out.


The idea of working outside in the freezing cold isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but some people live for it. While that certainly isn’t us, we can help you with key factors that will change with your chainsaw when you use it in the winter.

Firstly, you’re going to need a different bar and engine oil. Summer oil is a lot thicker than winter oil, so change this first when the temperature really starts plummeting. If you have a gas chainsaw, this will help you when you start it; you don’t want to be flooding your engine in the cold.

There are also additional safety considerations you need to bear in mind. If there is snow in the trees, you will find that this will affect the center of gravity when you are felling. Take extra precautions before you start feeling trees. Trees such as pine can also become brittle in the depths of winter, so make sure you are careful when you start cutting jobs.

It may sound obvious, but a cold-weather gear is a must. A freezing environment can impact your ability to handle tools safely, especially if your hands become numb. If you are making a habit of cutting in the winter, you can always invest in hand warmers that you can attach to the handle of your chainsaw. But consider one more thing while buying, gas chainsaws are the best pick for any season as starting isn’t a big deal for them.


A lot of the same safety aspects apply when you are using a chainsaw in the summer. You want to make sure you are wearing the correct PPE at all times, and no matter how tempting, never wear loose-fitting clothes. The chances of injury vastly increase if you are wearing loose clothing as it can get caught on the chain and bar.

It is also good to service and clean your chainsaw on a regular basis, make sure that the air intake is free from any dust and debris that may cause over-heating issues.

Just as the summer months kick in, change your engine and bar oil to a thicker summer compound to keep your chainsaw running happily throughout the warmer weather.

Maintenance and Care

Whether you use your saw every day or only pick it up when you need it, caring for it appropriately will not only keep you safe, it will also keep it functional as well. Care and maintenance aren’t difficult, but the more time you spend cleaning it after working with it, the longer your saw will last. Again getting replacement parts nearer to hand can make your maintenance easier.

After Use Care

It doesn’t matter if you have a battery-operated, corded or gas-powered saw, you want to make sure that it is clean when you have finished using. When you clean your saw after use, you are stopping a build-up of dust and debris. This build-up can work its way into important parts of the saw and restrict airflow where it is needed, causing the saw to overheat.

Sharpening the Chain

Sharpening the chain is often for professionals, purists, and if for some reason you really like that particular chain. If you are only using your saw for the occasional job, the best thing to do is save yourself some time and just buy a new chain. If you are intent on hiding away from your kids for the foreseeable future, buy a chain sharpening tool and hide in your shed. YouTube videos are an excellent source of information.

Power and Size

We all like high powered items, be it cars or chainsaws, but more power isn’t always better. You want to make sure that you strike a good balance between the two. If you have a high-powered chainsaw, but it is so heavy you can’t use it properly, there is little point. Likewise, if you have a low powered but heavy chainsaw, it will make working far more stressful as you will be battling an unbalanced unit. Look for a tool that gives you excellent power to body size ratio.

Electric Power

Electric power chainsaws give you an array of benefits if you work nearer to the power source. The costs associated with chainsaw maintenance are pretty much zero when you compare it with a gas-powered alternative. They are lighter, quieter, don’t vibrate as much, and need minimal servicing. You can select either corded or battery-powered, both come with their positives.

Battery technology has advanced over the last 5 years, meaning you get more for less. Quicker charging time, batteries lasting longer, and they are now far more reliable. Battery-powered electric chainsaws are an excellent option for home use and closer close to the home.

Corded saws give you more consistent cutting than battery-powered and also removes the thinking of battery life. This is due to the fact they are always attached to the mains. They don’t need the same amount of maintenance as gas-powered and will be good for different types of jobs around the home. If you need to work next to your yeard or slightly long distance, an extra extension cord can resolve that issue.

Gas Powered

Gas chainsaws are the choice for professionals, and the reason is due to their simplicity and not depending on power sources. Yes, they weigh more and kick out more exhaust fumes than their electric counterparts, but they can be fixed on-site if something does happen, and you can interchange the replacement parts more easily. They also have a lot more torque than their electric neighbors, which results in a more powerful saw that can fell pretty much anything (within size parameters). As the chainsaw industry is developing day by day, fuel efficiency is also reaching the optimum point too which is making gas chainsaws more convenient.

What Do I Need to Consider Before Buying A Chainsaw?

Before you settle on your desired model of a chainsaw, there are a few things you need to think about before you commit to hitting the buy now button.

Start System

If you are thinking of a gas-powered saw, there are now many starting options that you can look at. Some have push-start buttons; others have smart start technology to help you pull start it.

Engine or Motor

How and when you are going to be using your saw will make all the difference. If you aren’t straying far from home and just walking around your ranch, a battery-operated saw gives you a reliable light option. If you are working in your garden and can reach a power outlet, a corded saw will be an excellent choice. If you are faced with large trees or big jobs, a gas-powered saw will be the one that will take you through the toughest of cuts.


One of the big (although ignored) factors that should dictate your purchase is your experience level. If you have never used a chainsaw before, we don’t recommend selecting the most powerful gas engine available. The risk increases as the kickbacks are often greater.

Instead, look for a well-balanced unit that isn’t too heavy with chain break integration technology. Think about your own capabilities, and don’t overestimate them if you have never used a chainsaw before.

Product Features

If you are in the market because you are looking to upgrade your old chainsaw, many now come with extra features to help sweeten the deal. Ergonomic considerations, anti-vibration technology, power equipment, and reduced gas consumption are just some that you can look at before you make a decision.

16 Inch Bar Vs. 18 Inch Bar

While it is only two inches, it gives you a big leeway in the jobs you can get done. An 18-inch chainsaw has more cutting potential than a 16 inch just because the bar is bigger, and the chain is longer, giving you more teeth.

The power of the engine is proportionate to the size of the bar. So, if you are buying an 18inch chainsaw, the power of the engine will be higher than a 16inch chainsaw. You will be able to cut through stubborn exteriors faster with an 18 inch.

16inch bars are recommended for no more than splitting logs around your home, so if you have your sights on felling a few medium trees, an 18inch will be the one to do it. The bar isn’t long enough on a 16inch to do this safely.

What Can You Do with the 18-inch Chainsaws?

18-inch chain saws offer you a level of versatility that others don’t. There are a variety of tasks you can complete with an 18-inch chainsaw.

Splitting logs: You can do this safely, especially if you purchase a chainsaw that comes with a nose guide for precision cuts.

Tree and bush-trimming: 18-inch saws are still maneuverable and can get into tighter spots than chainsaws with larger bars.

Tree Pruning: If you have a lightweight 18inch, you can easily prune trees and get them back to looking their best.

Tree Felling: This size saw was built for tree felling; you can fell a variety of different types of trees and then cut them up with ease.

Firewood Cutting: Seasoned firewood can be tough to cut; an 18 inch gives you enough power to cut your firewood into manageable logs easily.

Expert Tip

If you are looking to up your chainsaw game or want a better understanding of how chainsaws work, you’d benefit from a gas-powered saw. It requires being broken down and serviced at regular intervals. This hands-on approach gives you the opportunity to learn how to fix it if anything were to go wrong.


What Are You Using Your Saw For?

They may not seem it, but chainsaws are exceptionally versatile and a good tool to have around the home. You don’t just have to fell trees with them; you can also trim back and prune your hedgerows and bushes, cut firewood, or split logs. But if you only focus on rigorous tree cutting, gas chainsaws are the best option to choose from.  Again remember that chainsaws should only ever be used on wood and no other materials.

Why Do I Need An 18-Inch Chainsaw?

18-inch chainsaws give you more versatility than a 16inch. It is easy to have a bigger chainsaw and complete smaller jobs than forcing a smaller chainsaw to do bigger jobs. You can fell medium-sized trees with an 18inch as it is not safe to do this with a 16inch as you run the risk of getting the blade pinched. 18-inch saws provide you with more power and give you a larger range of tasks you can complete.

What is the best least expensive 18-inch chainsaw?

If you are looking for a chainsaw that will consistently perform and requires limited maintenance and gives you the best chainsaw for the least price range, the Oregon CS1500 18 inch chainsaw is your answer. 15 Amp engine gives you everything you could need. The corded option may not be for everyone, but when it comes to exceptional value when compared to cutting capability, this is it. Oregon has a long history of making good chainsaws, and this model is no different.

Final Verdict

All of the chainsaws we have reviewed are excellent products that will make your life out in the garden or the forest far easier. Our choice for gas chainsaws is, without doubt, the Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw, which gives you superb cutting power and finishes.

The features that you get set it apart from other gas saws and the reliability of this brand is second to none. If you don’t want a gas chainsaw, Oregon can give you one that’s amazing value for money; it’s lightweight and reliable.

It is always worth assessing how exactly you are going to use a chainsaw before you settle on one, as this will dictate which one is the best option for you.

Once you have decided on where and how you will use it, you can select the models we have reviewed that match your needs, and from there, you can choose one!

We’ve covered all the tough considerations for you, so all you need to do is work out what you’ll be doing! Make sure that when you make this assessment, you won’t cut above your capability or skillset, always read the manufacturer’s guidelines before use and have the correct PPE on hand.

We wish you happy slicing and dicing!

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