Best Chainsaw Helmet To Buy In 2021: Review & Guides

Best Chainsaw Helmet Review

Did you know that the chainsaw original prototype design was for use as a surgical tool to help in childbirth in the 18th century? It was to help in difficult childbirth.

Interesting? I also thought so!

It will also be interesting for some of you to know that the current chainsaws have a variety of uses that include ice sculpting. Yes, you can use a chainsaw to make an ice sculpture, but you will first need to develop the skills. It is an art in itself. But the chainsaw is not the only thing that you need when out there ripping wood. You also need safety equipment, and among them is a helmet.

There are numerous types of helmets out there, but they have different uses. For example, the helmet that you use when riding your bicycle or motorcycle may seem sufficient to some people, but nothing could be further from the truth. It may not protect you adequately.

The best chainsaw helmet is critical safety equipment that will protect your head from flying debris and pieces of the chain if it breaks. Anything can happen when using a chainsaw, and it is vital to have the right protection.

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Best Chainsaw Helmet in 2021 (Reviews)

1. TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet & Hearing Protection System – Top Pick

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The helmet is our top pick based on a variety of factors that include versatility. The industrial helmet has an array of features that make it usable in a variety of applications. Therefore, you’re not going to need another helmet to use in another application, such as construction.

The various features that ensure versatility include mesh visor, plastic visor, and removable ear muffs, among others. It will provide adequate protection when working with trimmers or even cutters. However, it is ideal for forestry work.

The adjustability of this helmet is another feature that we love. It makes it quite comfortable to use. In particular, the dial knob on the side makes it possible to adjust the size of the helmet according to the comfort and needs.

We also love the interchangeable plastic and mesh visors as they can prove useful in providing adequate protection against debris that may be flying your way when working. Some of the pieces and debris may be up to no good, and it is always good to have adequate protection when working.

And even though it may not seem important, the helmet is quite visible. It is red, and that is a good thing, especially when working deep in the woods.

What we like:
  • I especially love the versatility of the helmet given that you can use it on a variety of applications.
  • You will also find the helmet to be quite comfortable based on the adjustability that it comes with
What we don’t like:
  • The helmet may not be the best for heavy-duty use

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2. Husqvarna ProForest Safety Chainsaw Helmet

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Husqvarna products always among the best, and that underscores the company’s commitment to quality. But apart from the brand, this particular chainsaw helmet has a variety of features that will prove useful in providing adequate protection when working with a chainsaw.

A chainsaw may be quite a useful tool, but it brings along a variety of risk hazards. Anything can happen, and it is always good to have adequate protection, and that is what this logging helmet provides.

Among the safety features include face screen and hearing protectors. The face screen will protect your eyes from debris and other pieces that may be flying from the chainsaw. On the other hand, the hearing protectors protect your ears from the noise pollution.

And more importantly, the chainsaw helmet meets various safety standards that include Class G-E-C and ANSI standards.

What we like:
  • The chainsaw helmet has a variety of features that ensure your safety when working, such as the hearing protectors and face screen.
  • It is adjustable and comfortable, and you can use it for a long time
What we don’t like:
  • There are a few issues with the visor, and it may come off easily

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3. Oregon 563474 Chainsaw Safety Protective Helmet

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Comfort seems to be one of the most overlooked features when it comes to chainsaw helmets. However, that is one thing you will not need to worry about with this chainsaw helmet from Oregon. Its level of comfort is from another planet, literally speaking.

The chainsaw helmet has six ventilation holes that provide adequate ventilation, and you can work comfortably outdoors. Sometimes the sun can be very hot, and such breathability is always good to have. The six-point easy to adjust harness ensures that you get a snug fit.

An uncomfortable helmet can be a risk hazard in itself, and that is not what you want.

The cap mounted ear cups is another great feature that protects your ears from the noise, and this is one feature that several forestry helmet reviews from users are quick to point out. Sometimes chainsaws can be very loud, and that can affect your concentration significantly.

In terms of versatility, the helmet may not be the best, but that does not mean you cannot use it for other applications.

What we like:
  • The various features that you get from this chainsaw helmet include a broad and durable visor, ear protection and hard shell to protect your head.
  • The 6-point adjustability is one of the most useful features that make his helmet comfortable
What we don’t like:
  • Putting together the helmet may not be an easy task, and the instructions do not help either.

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4. Husqvarna 577764601 Pro Forest Helmet System Protection

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The Husqvarna helmets are some of the best on the market, and you can rely on them to provide adequate protection when you need it. They are what professionals use when in the forest cutting trees. But which are some of the features that this helmet has?

For starters, the helmet has a hard shell that provides adequate protection for your head. Therefore, you can be sure that nothing hard will you get to your head.

For example, a falling branch can strike your head when you least expect it, and this helmet has adequate shock absorption to protect you from such instances. Several Husqvarna chainsaw helmet reviews are quick to point out that that this shock absorption also makes the helmet comfortable.

The six-point adjustability makes it possible to get a snug fit and be comfortable when working with a chainsaw. Other protective features include the rain shield, hearing protector, and neck protector. It is also essential to note that the orange color increases your visibility when working, and that is the idea.

What we like:
  • Good quality chainsaw helmet with various features that include hearing protectors, rain shield, and neck protector.
  • It is adjustable and quite comfortable
What we don’t like:
  • Assembling the product may not be entirely easy

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5. Neiko 53880A 4-in-1 Safety Helmet

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There’s no doubt that this is one of the best safety helmets that you will find on the market. It comes with all the features that you would expect from a good quality safety helmet.

For example, it complies with a variety of safety standards that include CE EN352-3, and ANSI S12.42/S3.19. It is also impact resistant and comes with a few features to provide adequate shock absorption.

Among these features include impact-resistant shell, soft plastic lining, and foam headband. It is also comfortable and comes with cushioned earmuffs.

One of the features that we most like is the hearing protection it provides. With a range of up to SNR 25.9, you have all the necessary hearing protection that you need. Those demolition hammers, trimmers, and brush cutters will not feel uncomfortable or prove harmful to your ears, and that is the objective.

Others include the steel mesh and polycarbonate visor to protect your face from flying debris.

What we like:
  • Some of the great features that we love in this chainsaw helmet include the hearing protection of up to SNR 25.9 and shock resistance of the equipmemt.
  • It is also quite comfortable with high-density foam on the inside for adequate shock absorption. We might also add that it is breathable as well.
What we don’t like:
  • Assembly is not very easy, and the instructions are not very helpful

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Buying Guide: How To Choose a Chainsaw Helmet?

As mentioned earlier, it is not every helmet that you find on the market is sufficient. You need a particular chainsaw helmet to provide adequate protection when cutting the branches or the trees. Here are some of the factors that will help you make the right choice.

Compliance with safety standards

The reason why you can’t use your motorcycle helmet is that it does not comply with safety standards that are specific to chainsaw use. But what do I mean? Which are the standards will talking about?

Some of the most popular standards that are applicable in Europe and the United States include CE and ANSI. Don’t be in a hurry to buy a particular helmet without checking whether they fulfill the safety standards.

but why should I make sure that particular helmet fulfills the safety standards?

The helmets that comply with the current safety standards are safe, according to the laid down criteria. Such helmets go through testing and are most likely to protect you from various hazards that may be present out there in the field when working.

Comfort and fit

The helmet that you choose needs to be comfortable and should be the right fit. You can’t have a helmet that flips flops when you are working. That would not be appropriate, and maybe a cause of injury in itself. You cannot work effectively if the helmet keeps on going from side to side.

Check the adjustability of the helmet before you purchase. At a minimum, it should have adjustable straps, and other comfort features such as padding inside the helmet.

Also, the helmet shouldn’t be too big or too small for you. If you’re buying from the stores, fit it to make sure it is the right one. No one will have problems with you, just because you fit the various helmets in the store.

The inside padding should be adequate to provide sufficient shock absorption in the case or anything, such as falling from a tree.


Of course, you don’t want a helmet that you only use for one task. Versatility is a good thing, and you should look out for it when purchasing a chainsaw helmet. Ideally, the best chainsaw helmet should also be easy to use in various tasks around the home. Versatility is cost-effective.


Some helmets in the market can be very uncomfortable. If you happen to get an awkward helmet, then your tasks will be challenging to accomplish. You cannot focus on the tasks at hand feeling uncomfortable through and through.

Make sure that the helmet is breathable and has a few holes to let in air. Sometimes, the padding on the helmet may be too much that it affects breathability. And there should be a balance between padding and breathability. The various customer reviews will give you a good idea as to how breathable a particular helmet is. That is the beauty of taking it from someone that already has the equipment.


The color of the helmet may not seem like an important feature to look out for. However, it can be the difference between life and death in case something happens when cutting a tree. Ideally, you should have a red or orange helmet to enhance your visibility from afar.

And if you’re working in hot places, a white helmet can help you keep the heat away from your head. it bounces off the white helmet.

Final Word

There are numerous options out there in the market when it comes to helmets, but it is not all of them that is sufficient when working with a chainsaw. There are a few factors that you need to consider when choosing the best chainsaw helmet, and they include compliance with the safety standards, of course, versatility.

The options in the above chainsaw helmet reviews are not so bad, and they are among the best. We looked out for the various elements that make one chainsaw helmet better than the other. Choose any of the above and work to the best of your ability without worrying about it again. Life is all about giving our best and living to see another day.

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