Best Chainsaw Chaps in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Chainsaw Chaps Review

If you ask anyone about the protective equipment when using a chainsaw, they will most definitely mention the Best Chainsaw Helmet, the best chainsaw protective gloves, and a pair of goggles. You would also suggest the three, as the primary safety equipment. Won’t you?

However, that is not all there is about safety equipment when using a chainsaw. You will need chainsaw chaps as well. But really, are the chaps necessary? Wouldn’t they seem funny, and feel uncomfortable, especially when it is hot?

Well, a chainsaw is one of the most useful devices to have at home. There are a handful of things you can do with it, especially if you have a garden and yard that has a few trees. But more importantly, a chainsaw is useful in wood harvesting.

Regrettably, it is also one of the most dangerous equipment that you can have at home. Any mishap from a chainsaw can cause a significant injury and even death. So, where do the chaps come in?

You see, sometimes a chainsaw can slip, and the possibility of injuring your leg is high, and your regular clothing can do very little to stop it. And that is where the chaps come in.

The best chainsaw chaps consist of a durable material that the chainsaw can have a hard time penetrating to ensure your safety when using the chainsaw. But it is not all chainsaw chaps that are good quality. We list a few that you can trust.

Best Chainsaw Chaps 2021 (Reviews)

Husqvarna 587160704 Technical – Our Top Recommended

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There’s something special about Husqvarna, and it has to do with their focus to quality. They are pretty serious about making quality products, and nothing best highlights that fact than Husqvarna chainsaw pants. But we can only say so much about the brand. What else is there that makes these the best chainsaw boots?

The PVC coating on the 1000 Denier polyester makes this chainsaw pants tough to protect your legs from the menacing chainsaw. The layers of the fabric make the chainsaw chaps some of the best to have when using a chainsaw.

Most people will also appreciate the adjustable waist. You see, it is not all people that maintain the same size throughout, and such adjustability is an excellent feature to have. Therefore, if your waist size happens to change, you do not have to worry.

We must also appreciate the fact that the pants are orange in color. In particular, that enhances your visibility, and in case of an emergency, the emergency crew can see you easily.

As the best chainsaw protective pants, they meet all the necessary safety regulations that include OSHA 1910- 266, UL certification, ANSI z133.1, and ASTM f1897. That means you are safe when using the chainsaw out there in the woods.

What we like:
  • One of the things that will like about these chainsaw chaps is that they comply with a wide variety of safety regulations, and you can be sure of your safety.
  • The adjustable waist is another important feature that can contribute to safety. You are safe when you are comfortable, and well fitting pants are necessary.
What we don’t like:
  • The pants are very hot, and that can make them pretty uncomfortable

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Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps (Short 35″, Orange)

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It is quite essential that the chainsaw chaps meet all the three safety standards that include OSHA 1910-266, ASTM F1897, and UL. What that means is that the pants have all the right features to ensure your safety, and you can be confident when using the chainsaw. However, that does not mean you should not take other safety measures.

The apron style safety chaps protect the front of the leg, where most injuries occur. And while some people may not prefer the style, there are several associated benefits. For example, the album style does not get too hot like the trouser Style. However, you cannot compare the all-around protection that the trouser style safety chaps provide.

The chainsaw chaps are orange in color, and that helps in making you visible when out there in the woods. You will also notice that the protective chaps have a one side pocket that you can use to store some critical devices when using the chainsaw.

What we like:
  • The chainsaw chaps meet a variety of safety standards for your safety when using the chainsaw
  • I particularly love the apron style, which in my opinion is more comfortable than the trouser style.
What we don’t like:
  • The chainsaw chaps are not suitable for electric chainsaws
  • They may also contain harmful chemicals that may cause cancer

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Husqvarna 587160702 Chainsaw Chaps

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The tec warp protective layers, 600 Denier polyester, and PVC coating make this chainsaw chaps some of the best to have when using the chainsaw. There are a few benefits associated with this product from Husqvarna, and they all have to do with your safety.

For starters, the chainsaw chaps contain some of the most durable layers of materials to ensure your safety when using the chainsaw. You can certainly not be too cautious when it comes to using such a powerful device, and the Husqvarna chainsaw pants ensure that your legs have adequate protection from the chainsaw.

It is quite crucial that the chainsaw chaps, together with other safety equipment, comply with the necessary safety standards as that is the only way that you can be sure of your safety. In that regard, the Husqvarna chainsaw chaps meet with among others OSHA 1910-266, UL, ANSI Z133.1 and ASTM F1897. You can, consequently, have a peace of mind when using your chainsaw to harvest wood.

What we like:
  • The compliance with a variety of safety standards makes the chainsaw chaps some of the best to have.
  • They also have an excellent design that makes them comfortable
What we don’t like:
  • The pants are quite hot especially in hot weather

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Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps (Orange 36 Length)

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The chainsaw apron chaps are relatively comfortable compared to the other styles. You see, they allow adequate flow of air to your legs, which may not be the case with the trouser Style.

The trouser Style chainsaw chaps tend to be very hot during hot weather, and that can be very uncomfortable, especially out there in the woods. However, that does not mean that the chainsaw apron chaps are not hot. If anything, they are only relatively comfortable, but the most important thing is safety.

And as the best chainsaw safety chaps, they comply with the necessary safety standards to ensure your safety when using the chainsaw. Together with other measures such as a helmet, and gloves, you will have adequate protection from injury, and that will make you efficient, knowing that you have all the necessary protection.

You don’t have to worry about the apron style not providing sufficient protection. In particular, the chainsaw chaps offer excellent protection for the front of your feet and legs where they are most vulnerable.

What we like:
  • The chainsaw chaps comply with the necessary safety standards and are relatively comfortable.
  • It contains quality and durable materials to avoid the penetration of the chainsaw
What we don’t like:
  • They may have problems with the straps

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Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps 36″ Leg Plus Deluxe Safety Helmet

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As a novice, you may not be sure about the personal protective equipment that you need when using a chainsaw. Therefore, it is a good idea that these safety chaps come with a safety helmet, and that makes your work easier. Of course, you no longer need to search and purchase one safety equipment after the other, and that is a good thing.

The chainsaw safety chaps meet all the necessary standards that include ASTM F1897-2008 39JY, ASTM F1897, and OSHA 1910.266. That means you get appropriate leg protection that you need when using the chainsaw.

You will also love the fact that the chainsaw safety chaps are both water and oil resistant, and which is quite essential when using the chainsaw.

It is also essential to add that the helmet is comfortable, and has all the necessary features to protect your head, eyes, and hearing.

What we like:
  • The chainsaw safety chaps come with a safety helmet, and which is quite a good thing. Both products are quite affordable.
  • The safety chaps have all the necessary standards for leg protection when using the chainsaw
What we don’t like:
  • The quality of the helmet may be wanting

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Buying Guide: How To Choose a Chainsaw Chaps?

Chainsaw chaps are not the ordinary clothing that you can skimp aimlessly when purchasing. They need careful consideration so that you can get the right pair. You see, the main objective of chainsaw chaps is to protect your legs from the chainsaw. But once they get hit, there’s no other option but to dispose of them.

But just because they are disposable does not mean you can buy any type or quality that you come across. These are not ordinary jeans that you can choose according to style and aesthetic appeal. Therefore, don’t be so quick to purchase, or buy the cheapest you find.


The best chainsaw chaps contain a sturdy material that can easily jam the chainsaw mechanism before the teeth reach your skin. Therefore, it is critical that you find the most durable and the most robust material on the chainsaw chaps to ensure that your legs always come out intact from the job.

The best chaps contain multiple layers of nylon fiber that the chainsaw cannot easily penetrate. Ideally, the more the layers a particular chainsaw chap has, the better.


Some people may argue that having a full-length chainsaw chap is not necessary. However, you can never know when an accident can strike or where it can strike. Most injuries do not focus on one area of the leg, and so it is always appropriate to choose the full-length chainsaw chap. Some parts of the leg are not more important than the others.

Some people may opt for wraparounds or the apron Style chainsaw chaps, but they are not going to provide sufficient protection. In that case, you can opt for the trouser Style.

Most people avoid the trouser style because they are very hot, especially during the summer. However, that may be a small thing considering the risk that chainsaws pose.


All brands are very particular when it comes to the size of the chainsaw chaps. Therefore, make sure that you get the right chainsaw chaps for you. Before you can purchase the personal protective equipment, take your measurements carefully from the waist up to the instep.

Such a measurement will ensure that all your leg is under the protection of the chainsaw chap. The extra fabric can go over the boot and prevent sawdust from getting inside. It is killing two birds with a single stone. Don’t you think?

Safety Standards

Durability and a good fit are not the only features that you should look out for when buying the chainsaw chaps. It is also essential to ensure they comply with the necessary safety standards.

Among the most crucial safety standards include OSHA 1970, and UL certification. If the chainsaw chaps comply with the two safety standards, among others, it means that the materials are the best quality and tested to offer adequate protection when using the chainsaw.

Machine Compatibility

Many people may not take it seriously when buying chainsaw chaps that are compatible with the machine they are using. But what do we mean by machine compatibility?

The design of particular chainsaw chaps and be in such a way that it protects you against a gas-powered chainsaw better than an electric powered chainsaw.

Please take note that a gas-powered chainsaw is powerful, and the chainsaw chaps made for the electric-powered machine may not be sufficient. Therefore, choose the chainsaw chaps depending on the device you will be using. Don’t confuse between the two.

Final Word

It may cost you a good deal to get all the necessary safety gear, but you can never compare the cost with your life. in all cases, life is more important than the cash that you make, and so you should never ignore the importance of having personal protective equipment.

The best chainsaw chaps are some of the first protective equipment that you go for after purchasing a chainsaw. Ideally, you should buy the chainsaw together with the chainsaw chaps so that you can be safe from the first day.

The above pairs of chainsaw chaps are some of the best, and you can rely on them to provide sufficient protection for your legs. Don’t skimp on them, and you will be safe.

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