How to Cut Baseboard with Miter Saw

While baseboard installation is an easy process, cutting them can be very tricky. However, even though the cutting process is not easy, it is still an easy process. All you need is a little practice to cut the board correctly. However, you need to remember that the type of cut you want to make it simpler with the right equipment and one such equipment is the miter saw. The following is a clear guide on how to cut baseboard with a miter saw.

Get the right tools

To get the right cuts, you must get the right tools. Such tools include a miter saw, pencil, measuring tape, and protective wear. Also, you need to keep some important things in mind. Such things include the miter angle, which is the degree of the angle on the miter saw. The angle is found near the saw’s handle. Another thing is the bevel angle, which is found around the back of the miter saw and it is less visible. The last thing to keep in mind is the difference between the miter angle and the bevel angle in case you get imperfect walls.

Take measurements

To get correct cuts on a baseboard, you need to get the right measurements. Make sure you measure the length of the wall that you want to place the baseboard. After that, mark the measurement on the board. In case the length comes with a corner, you can set the blade of the miter saw to 45 degrees.

After getting the right tools and taking measurements, now it’s time to make the cuts. Here are different cuts and how you can make them with a miter saw.

How to cut baseboard trim with a miter saw

Cutting a baseboard trim is not as challenging as many think. All you need is to get your safety glasses and a dust mask. Put your baseboard on the miter-saw-bed, while standing on the edge with the back-flush leaning against the fence. After that, place the baseboard to cut off its face if making an inside trim. If making an outside trim, cut off the back while holding the baseboard tight against the fence with a single hand.

Making an inside corner

If wondering how to cut baseboard inside corners with a miter saw, it’s very simple. For any room, you must come up with four insider corner cuts. To make the cut, adjust the miter as well as the bevel angles to zero and at 45 degrees. With the use of a pencil, mark the back of your baseboard. Once you are done, turn on your miter saw.

Cut along the mark you earlier made with a pencil, making sure that the back of the board is longer than the front.  After that, lower your miter saw on the board and push the blade along the trim. Once you are done cutting the base mild, turn off the machine to raise the blade.

However, you need to remember that as you cut, avoid putting more pressure. Also, never push the blade forcefully through the board as these things may damage your trim.

Make an outside corner cut

Have you been wondering how to cut baseboard outside corners with miter saw? Then you need to remember this. When making outside corners, you do not have to make any changes that you already made with the insider corner cuts. However, for the outside corners, you must make the marks with a pencil at the back of the board. After that, start cutting along the mark using your miter saw. The process is similar to making an inside corner, but the only difference is that with the outside corner, you must cut your board making sure that the front part is longer than the back.

Make a square-cut

To make a square-cut with the miter saw, you must know the type of cut you wish to make on your baseboard. For example, if a baseboard needs to meet another baseboard face to face, then you need a square-cut. To be able to make such cuts, set your miter saw to zero degrees and continue with the cutting process.

All the best as you make the best cuts on your baseboard with a miter saw!

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