7 Best Miter Saw Blades: In-depth Reviews for 2021

Best Miter Saw Blade

If you are among those people who think that all miter saw blades are equal, then you need to think once again. Such thought costs many buyers a lot as that is the biggest mistake they make even before getting to the shop.

Since you want to invest in a quality miter saw blade, why don’t you strive to pick the best miter saw in the market? It does not matter how good your machine is, if you equip it with a bad quality miter saw blade, how do you expect it give you clean and precise cuts?

That quality counts when it comes to miter saws. In addition to that, you need to think of the type of miter carefully saw that you want. For example, what represents the best miter saw blade for wood might not represent the best miter saw blade for laminate flooring.

Depending on the materials you wish to cut, there is so much that you need to take into account to make sure you get the best blade available. To make it easier for you when choosing the best miter saw blade, we have a list of 7 best and impressive miter saw, with each product representing a perfect package of outstanding value and quality.

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Best Miter Saw Blades (Reviews)

1. Freud D12100X 100 Miter Saw Blade – Best overall

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Analysis and findings

If looking for the best miter saw blade for trim and hardwood, then our best overall pick, the Freud D121100X 100 is what you are looking for. It’s a fantastic blade that every woodworker should get. The blade cuts effortlessly and with incredible precision and ease. A shear-face grind design is what makes it possible for the blade to cut wonderfully with ease, accuracy, immense precision and most of all, the blade calls for no special tinkering on your part to work at its best!

The saw blade’s cutting edges come ideally for glass-smooth cuts on both hard and delicate woods. The blade is just the best 12-inch miter saw blade in the market. The blades high thickness carbide offers a sharp edge for a complete and a radically mounting cutting life-span. The blades scale grains that are miniaturized are significantly less and thick for fewer wears. The blade also comes with a laser cutter that is tough to vibration vents to help the blade perform better.


While the blade works well, it is slightly expensive and so many my avoid it.

Final decision

The reason why Freud 1200X 100 is our top pick for the best 12 sliding miter saw blade in the market is due to its performance. Being the best miter saw, it handles everything with ease and precision to help you make those clean and accurate cuts.

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2. DEWALT DW3128P5 Miter Saw Blade – Best Value for the Money

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Analysis and findings

If looking for the best saw blade for the money, then Dewalt DW31228PS is the best. The blade is an all-around cutting package for novices as well as professionals. The quality and value for the money that this blade delivers have always been very extraordinary as it takes your experience to another level.

The blades’ kit comes complete with two quality carbide-end blades with one featuring 80 teeth and the other one featuring 32 teeth. The blades feature completes its flexibility when one is cutting a variety of materials. Since the blades come with quality materials, each one of them maximizes balance and reduces vibration to create complete control and comfort when working with the blade.

Since the blade can also fit in the most miter saw blades from the standard manufacturers, the blade kit will surely maximize the flexibility and the abilities of any power cutting tool. The most reputable brand makes the blade in the market, and you are sure that you will get the best experience after using the blade on your miter saw.


The blade is not so strong like some other blades on our list. Since it does not come with strong materials, it is obvious that the blade might not last as long as you would wish.

Final decision

The Dewalt miter saw blade maintains the sharpness for longer and so you will get quick and smooth cuts with the blades thin kerf.

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3. Freud D1060X Diablo – Best 10 Inch Miter Saw Blade

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Analysis and findings

If looking for the best 10-inch miter saw blade, then Freud is what you need. The blade is the best upgrade on most blades that you find on miter saws. To begin with, the blade features 60 teeth that are made of high-density carbide and titanium. Also, the blade comes with a tri-material blazing for fast and accurate cutting.

The blades feature help it remain strong and resistant to impact on making sure that you get the best cuts. On top of that, the blade lasts longer. The blade ensures against wear and tear and also maintains its sharpness four-times longer than the standard carbide blades.

The blade comes with a non-stick Perma-shield coating to make sure that it is resistant to heat and prevent the pitch from building up. The blade also comes with a thin laser cut kerf for cleaner and faster cuts. You do not end up with many waste materials.


The blade is not fit for carpentry work

Final decision

If working on oak, pine, and melamine, this is the blade to invest in. Since it comes with an ATB design, it means you can make perfectly fine cross-cuts on both soft and hard materials. Also, you can cut with ease and control the blade’s position which also improves the accuracy when cutting.

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4. Makita A-93681 Miter Saw Blade

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Analysis and findings

The blade is the best miter saw blade for laminate flooring. The blade comes with the thinnest carbide on our list since it measures 091 only which help you make very thin cuts. You can sue the blade on hardwoods, plywood, softwoods, and composites, and when it comes to laminate flooring, it’s simply the best!

The tooth hook-angle on the blade is 5 degrees while most people never pay attention to that, you need to know that some miter saw specification might call for blades with a set of teeth between 0 and 2. Majority of saw blades teeth are set to 7 degrees, and that is why I love this particular blade.

You can cut different materials with the blade, which makes it very versatile. The blade is strong enough to offer smooth and precise cuts. It is undoubtedly the best miter saw blade for the money. And, when it comes to the teeth design, the blade comes with an alternative upper and design for precise cuts. The teeth give finer finish on the entire projects.

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5. INGTERCO 8-1/4-Inch 40-Tooth

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Analysis and findings

INGTERCO is the best choice if you own a circular miter saw. In fact, if you want to cross-cut or rip objects with MAX RPM of up to 8000, then this is the blade that you need to get. The blade is a heavy-duty one, and it features a thick kerf and plate for quick and smooth cuts.

With durable Titanium Carbide tips, the blade lasts longer, giving you value for your money. The blades non-stick coating minimizes friction which prevents rust and resin from building up and thus resulting in maximum performance.

Designed for clean and chip-free cuts, the blade can cut through melamine, veneer plywood, oak, pine, and delicate objects fast and smooth for the fine-looking finish. The blade comes with a quality steel plate and high-density carbide tips, and so the blade will last longer. With that in mind, I don’t see why you cannot invest in such a good saw blade. For the best results, this is the blade that you should get. Apart from cutting through both hard and soft materials within no time, the result is very smooth and right that you may even not see the need for sanding. That is why this blade comes highly recommended by professional woodworkers.

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6. Amana-Tool A.G.E.-Series-MD12-106

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Analysis and findings

The blade measures 12 inches, and so it is ideal for smaller sliding miter saws. With Amana MD12-106 miter saw, you do not have to worry about its build quality. The blade does not come from a company that values cost-cutting over the quality of the product.

The blade delivers a terrific finish when working on both soft and hardwood materials. With 100 teeth on this blade, you can make finer cuts, and the blade is ideal for making crosscuts on natural wood. The blade features a three-degree hook to make sure that the blade does not cut the materials aggressively and to also make sure it does not climb over the wood when cutting. The blade works best on a sliding miter saw.

The thin kerf on the blade makes sure you have fewer materials waste when making the cuts. Also, the blade calls for less horse-power to run. The blade features laser expansion slots to give room for the blade to expand and contract when heated which makes sure that the blade does not warp.

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7. Hitachi 115435-10″ 60T Fine-Finish-VPR

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Analysis and findings

Equipping a miter saw with the best blade for outstanding performance is everyone’s wish and dream. The Hitachi 115435 comes from first-class steel from Japan to offer the needed durability and precision. The blade is an excellent one for all wood applications like cross-cuts, miter cuts, ripping, among others. The blade comes with large micro-grain carbide teeth that make it easy to sharpen and extend the lifespan of the blade.

Unlike other blades on this list, the blade offers quiet performance. The laser cut expansion slots on the blade reduces vibration and noise, which keeps the blade cool when working. Rusting is a major issue with most miter saws that compromise their performance. That is why this Hitachi blade comes with electrophoresis coating that protects from rust.

The blade comes with high accuracy against lessening adjustments against pressure to reduce sharp edge vibration while cutting, and most especially when cutting wood. The blade is ideal for all types of cutting including ripping, framing, and elegant finish woodworking among others.

Hitachi 115435 blade features a tungsten carbide tips that are welded correctly with computerized technology for durability as well as the blade’s accuracy. Additionally, the blades automated grinding process offers exact tip geometry to improve the carbide teeth life span as well as its performance.

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What to buy when it comes to miter saw blades?

It is possible to buy miter saw blades in various finishes and sizes and every blade designed for a specific function whether you intend to cut through hardwood, big pieces of lumber, or even a smooth finish cuts, you still need the right tool for the job. With that in mind, it means that choosing the right blade for your miter saw depends on the task you intend to undertake.

As you decide on what to buy, you need to think of the type of saw that you own. Even though you can use a miter saw blade on several saws, it is good to know that all miter saw blades are not compatible with every miter saw out there.

Choosing the best miter saw blade for hardwood makes it easy and comfortable to work on woodworking projects. Whether you decide to cut through plywood, plastic, cardboard, or any other material, you can easily pick the best miter saw blade for a particular task.

It is good to spend time on quality products, even if they are a bit pricey. The reason is that quality saw blades last longer and performs better, and so you will have a good return on your money. In the long run, a quality saw blade saves you a lot of wear and tear since you do not have to make regular replacements.

How to choose a Miter Saw Blade: A Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right miter saw blade can make or break your cutting experience. That is why you need to select the best for the best results. Here are things that you need to put into consideration before buying a miter saw blade:

Types of the blades available

You need to choose a miter saw blade depending on the kind of project you wish to undertake. To begin with, you need to know that there are different types of miter saw blades which are:

Reciprocating saw blades– whose blades are ideal for cutting metal, wood, or a drywall

  • Circular saw blades– these blades are ideal for tilting work and are perfect for cutting wood, masonry, and metal, among others.
  • Course cut blades– you can use the blade to cut through hardwood, softwood, and cutting boards as well.
  • Fine cut blades– such blades are ideal for cutting laminated clipboards, plywood, wood core plywood, and others.


Miter saw blades are made with various materials since the cost depends on the materials among other features. Majority of the saw blades today come with steel, and they can get dull within a short period. That is why when it comes to material, you need to consider going for the blades that come with carbide tips or an industrial diamond finish.

These blades might come at a higher price, but they are worth it. While carbide steel blades are perfect for cutting aluminium, you need to keep in mind that they are prone to wear when you cut large sizes of metal.

Thickness and size

Choose length and the thickness of the blade depending on the work you intend to do. If looking for a fast and sharp cut, go for the thinner blade and if looking for a blade that is durable enough to cut through metal, then go for a thicker blade. When it comes to size, miter saw blades come in 5 to 12 inches whereby each side of the blade is compatible with a specific miter saw.

Types of the teeth

If looking forward to work on larger cuts, you need to pick a blade with fewer teeth and if looking for an excellent and smooth finish, consider the one with more teeth. The blade with fewer teeth produces less dust, and you will also get less waste material. There are also various types of teeth like flap-top which is perfect for ripping hardwood, and the top bevel teeth and a combination of teeth for cross-cutting and ripping.

The type of saw

Before buying any saw blade, first, check to know the type of saw you have. For example, a table saw, or a circular saw needs different saw blades. While it is possible to use a single saw blade on more than one saw, it is not always the same with all saws since every saw comes with a specific type of blade for a perfect cut. For this, check your saws specifications of the blade that will work well.


The kerf of the blade determines the thickness of the cut by the blade. A thinner kerf offers better precision even though the cuts are slower to make.

Types of the miter saw blades

Shopping for the best miter saw is always challenging, especially for the first time buyers. In case you have no or a minimal experience, determining the best saw blade for your miter saw is a confusing experience.

Perhaps you are looking for the best saw blade for laminate flooring or for hardwood, a quality blade for ripping, or any other type of blade, and then you only need to understand the basics, and you are good to go. You do not have to worry about the hundreds of options from different manufacturers.

To begin with, we recommend that you choose the blade whose recommended applications are visible on the blade. As long as the details of the blade are printed on the blade, it is hard to go wrong on this part of the process.

From aluminium, laminate, plywood, to plastic, you need to be able to see if the blade is compatible with your machine or not. After that, it is time to choose the specialized and combination blades where both come with advantages and disadvantages.

Specialized blades

When it comes to specialized blades, they are ideal for specific purposes, and so the blades are capable of delivering the best results.

Combination blades

On the other hand, combination blades can tackle various tasks without having to change the blades. Even though some of them may not work as good as a specialized blade, they still deliver excellent results, and you will still get fine and fast cuts. Most people love the blades for their flexibility!

With both blades, the result will depend on the type of saw you are using, the type of material you are working on, and the types of cuts you intend to make.

Final Note

The above miter saw blades are merely the best. As long as you use them accordingly, you will get the best results. With proper maintenance, a good miter saw blades can serve you for many years and so when shopping, always make sure that you choose the one that meets your cutting needs.

At times, getting the right blade for needs may mean going way over the budget, but the blades are worth it. All you need is to make sure you buy the right one to make sure that both you and your loved ones are safe around the machine as you work. Besides, all the above miter saws are positively reviewed and are top quality options that will last long if you use them well.

Therefore, whichever miter saw you decide to choose, it will make cutting easier, quicker, and efficient!

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