Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Review

A brand is what a brand does. 

Many brand names come and wither away in the chainsaw industry, but only a few stand the test of time. Husqvarna is one such brand that has been consistent with its quality, ensuring user-satisfaction.

Now, one should know that a chainsaw is a considerable investment. For a newbie walking into the realm of woodcutting, it’s difficult to know which products to trust. With the market being huge and diverse, confusion becomes a byproduct. 

To aid you in your search for getting a superior chainsaw, we have come up with the Husqvarna 435 review. In short, it comes with a 40.9 cc engine that serves 2.2 horsepower and runs at 9000 RPM maximum, which is quite standard for professional work.

So, do not worry about whether you are a professional or a beginner because this unit is ideal for both. 

Husqvarna 435

  • Excellent design and durable slim body construction with high cutting power
  • User-friendly lightweight chainsaw
  • Contains inertia activated chain brake so no kickbacks
  • It has an advanced air filtration feature that collects all the debris, preventing engine-clogs
  • The carburetor may need a bit adjustment

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Review


  • Cylinder displacement: 40.9 cc
  • Power: 2.2HP
  • Weight: 9.2lbs
  • Dimension: 33x10x12 inch
  • Maximum length: 16 inches
  • Maximum power speed: 9000 RPM 
  • Side-mounted chain tensioning 
  • Advanced air filtration
  • Fuel capacity: 5.9 fl.oz. 
  • User-friendly 
  • Anti-vibrate system including a muffler 

Features & Benefits 


Husqvarna 435 is considered one of the best and well-suited chainsaws for cutting light materials. This product comes with a 16 inches blade that is capable of cutting 14 inches log quite precisely. 

It might be undersized in case of felling thicker materials, especially if they are over 16 inches. However, the chainsaw is perfect for occasional cutting jobs such as cutting light timber, bonfire woods, and so on.

The chainsaw consists of a 40.9cc motor. It can supply 2.2HP power and runs with 9000 RPM speed, which is more than competent enough for easy and simple cutting. 

Moreover, this unit includes several features for the user’s convenience. For instance, you will find the starting mechanism to be effortless. 

It comes with an air purge button that helps to remove the air from the engine. So, you don’t have to do any manual labor of removing the air from the carburetor or fuel system. With a simple sleight of hand, and you are good to go. 

There are many more features along with all these. One of the best components of this chainsaw is its air filtration system. 

So, let’s see what makes this part special. 

  • Air Filtration

Everyone knows what an air filtration system does, and you will be glad to know that this product also includes an in-built cleaner. It makes your work a thousand times easier that you can’t even think of until now. 

It has a centrifugal air system that removes wastes like debris and wooden peels within a few seconds. 

The best part is it catches all the waste when it comes to the engine’s vicinity and does not let them pass through the air filter. Thus, from now on, you don’t have to waste your time over opening the saw chamber and cleaning it for hours and hours. 

You can quickly sweep out all the particles just before it is time to replace the air filter.


The body construction plays a significant role in a chainsaw because it ensures the product’s convenience, especially in terms of comfort, accessibility, and durability. If you are a fan of aesthetics, you’d be happy to know that it has a light orange color all over the body.

  • Versatility

A lot of little conveniences (tools) contribute to making this chainsaw incredibly versatile. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details of all the features that make this product a flexible-fiend. 

  • Guide bar: 

The guide bar is the best thing you will find in this Husqvarna 435. As we know, the chainsaw runs rapidly with 9000 RPM speed, so indeed, it requires a sturdy foundation. 

Well, the excellent construction of this guide bar lets the chainsaw rotate smoothly and guarantees that there is no chain drop. 

  • Front wrap handle:

There is a wrapped handle beside the chain brake, which contains resistant material for safety. Also, it allows a flexible and powerful grip while the chainsaw is going to town.

  • Air purge: 

An air purge button over the body makes sure that you do not face any trouble starting the chainsaw. It removes all the accumulated air from the carburetor with a single push. 

  • Muffler:

Controlling noise and unwanted sound is one of the most important aspects everyone wants to have in a chainsaw. It is because you can’t concentrate while working if your tool keeps annoying you. 

So, this unit offers a muffler as a solution to this problem. It controls the noise, which means the muffler helps to minimize the noise. Also, you don’t have to cover your face with a mask or anything else as it pushes the smoke away and prevents it from coming directly toward your face. 

  • Front handguard:

This component is beneficial when it comes to your hand’s safety. It has a front, and rear handguard that makes sure your hands are safe and sound while working. 

It keeps away the debris or any massive particle and protects your hands from any threatening contact with the chain.

  • Chain brake:

Power tools are more likely to throw start-up kickbacks, but this chainsaw has a unique technology to prevent this sudden jolt from the chainsaw. It offers an inertia activated chain brake that reduces the chances of kickbacks.

So, the chain will immediately stop if there is any lift over it. 

  • Starter handle:

There is a starter handle beside the air purge button, which is quite handy due to its position. The construction is pretty well, and you will be able to pull the handle very easy to start the combustion engine of the chainsaw. 

  • Throttle trigger & Lockout switches: 

There are two switches- one is the throttle trigger switch, and the other is the lockout switch. These are used while throttle control, and specifically, prevents accidents during that time. 

  • Oil tank:

This unit offers a fixed flow oil tank that releases the oil and adjusts the flow automatically. So, good news for you as you don’t have to keep adjusting fuel-flow in the middle of your work. 

  • Fuel window:

The fuel window allows monitoring the level of available fuel. So, you can quickly know when you have to fill your oiler tank. 

  • A chain catcher:

This unit provides a chain catcher underneath the saw with a felling mark above the saw’s body. It increases the possibilities of more accurate cuts. 

Therefore, with so many added features and components, no one is able to question its versatility. It is designed in a manner that ensures maximum accuracy, no matter wherever you put the blade. 

Husqvarna 435


Husqvarna 435 is applaudable for its incredible design, so with that, it also offers comfortable usage. 

As we know, most of the older versions of chainsaw used to require yanks to power the engine. However, this unit comes with a straightforward starting system that means no pulls, no jerks. 

From now on, you can quickly start your chainsaw without any yanks if you have already made up your mind to purchase this by reading this Husqvarna 435 chainsaw review.

Furthermore, it comes with a well-gripped rubbery handle that helps to hold the chainsaw for extended periods. Besides, you can also use it in wet conditions as it has anti-slip features. 

Overall, this product is suitable for workshops; it is easy to operate with low vibration and has excellent durability. 


Even though Husqvarna 435 comes with so many unique features and mechanisms, some customers still find it a bit expensive. 

However, we would like to disclose the fact that this unit is indeed a value-pack. It provides the different types of components that make sure you won’t be regretting using this chainsaw. 

Despite all of our praise, Husqvarna is a brand at the end of the day and a top-tier one at that. So, it’s quite natural for this chainsaw to be on the high-end of the price spectrum. 


Kickbacks are most likely to cause accidents while operating a chainsaw. While doing the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw review, we found that it has all the safety features necessary to avoid accidents. 

So, it has an inertia activated chain brake that immediately stops the chain if any kickbacks occur. Besides, there is a solid plastic handguard that ensures a safe distance between the hand and the chain. 


  • What size chain is on a Husqvarna 435?

Minimum 13 inches and a maximum of 18 inches chains are usable on this chainsaw. 

  • How many cc’s is a Husqvarna 435?

It comes with a 40.9cc engine.

  • Does the 435 come with an adjustable flow oil pump?

No, instead of that, it offers a 13 ml/minute fixed flow pump. 

Husqvarna 16 Inch 435e II Gas ChainsawHighlighted Features:
  • 435E II chainsaw with the new x-cut chain and x-force chainsaw Bar is a lightweight and efficient all-round chainsaw, ideal for the homeowner who wants a reliable workhorse that's simple to use.
  • 40. 9cc 16 inch gas chainsaw with guide bar and chain
  • 2 cycle engine with inertia activated chain brake for safety while operating
  • Orange Husqvarna chainsaw Bar cover and 2. 6 ounce 2 cycle fuel Included, Bar and chain oil must be purchased Separately
  • Automatic chain oiler delivers a steady supply of bar and chain oil for safe and effective use.Maximum power speed:9000 rpm

Final Verdict

If you are pining for a power tool that you can add to your inventory, then we hope our Husqvarna 435 chainsaw review would be of help. 

It provides many great features, including a great CC, speed, horsepower, robust guide bar, several safety features, and components. Also, simple and straightforward usability makes the chainsaw a worthwhile investment. 

So, by following the instruction manual, even a newbie woodworker could cope with this chainsaw even if they lack the operating knowledge. 

We hope this article will help you in your search to buy the best one out of the enormous flood of chainsaws.

Our team wishes you a happy shopping!! 

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