Best 50cc Chainsaw In 2021 – Top List in The Market

Nobody wants to bring a knife to a gunfight. Similarly, bringing a bazooka to a knife-brawl would be overkilling it by a mile!

The perk of having a 50cc chainsaw in your arsenal is that you get the best of both worlds.

How? Well, with the best 50cc chainsaws, you can either trim, prune, or even fell considerably large trees. So, for beginners, this is the perfect chainsaw because it gives you a balance between power and precision.

However, with the numerous options out there, selecting a chainsaw that meets all your needs is quite hard.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the top-tier 50cc chainsaws to help ease the selection process.

What is the best 50cc chainsaw?

It’s rather difficult to declare one product to be superior above others because it can vary based on circumstances. However, if we had to answer in a pinch, we would say the Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher is the best 50cc chainsaw.

Best 50cc Chainsaw Reviews

We present our top contenders for the high rated 50cc chainsaws.

1. Poulan Pro PR5020 20″ 50cc Gas Powered Chainsaw

Nobody wants their chainsaw to get stuck in the middle of work; it’s annoying beyond measure. However, if you want a professional chainsaw by your side, we would recommend looking into the Poulan Pro 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw. In this brief Poulan Pro 50cc chainsaw review, you’ll get all your knowhows before making a purchase.

Firstly to make an easy to start the machine, this device features a quick-start mechanism, saving precious time. Although it is a pull-start system, the design is unique and cuts down your efforts by 30%. As a result, now you do not have to pull the cord several times.

Moreover, the purge keeps the carburetor filled with the proper amount of fuel, enabling the chain to run smoothly. The OxyPower technology results in such a powerful motor that you can enjoy an effortless cutting and felling of thick trees. Also, there is a significant decrease in fuel consumption and emission by 20% and 70%, respectively and no leaks oil.

Besides, the air filter stands guard against any harmful debris, protecting the cylinder and piston from wearing out. And this also makes a clean, rust free chain compartment. So, this chainsaw is an overall beast when it comes to power, efficiency, and durability.

  • The engine lets you work on trees of various thicknesses
  • Easy to start system will not take more than a few seconds
  • Air debris can’t enter the cylinder and piston
  • Auto-oiler ensures a constant flow of oil
  • Heavier than the others
  • Need to keep tightening the bolts

2. Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20″ 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chainsaw

Our next contender is another Poulan-marvel. The Poulan Pro PP5020AV is another top-tier professional-grade chain saw that can slice through any wood like butter.

The addition of a chain oiler ensures consistent performance by keeping the oil flow intact.

As the chain and bar are continuously lubricated with oil, the reduced friction confirms its performanence. These also helps with the anti vibration technology used with the design of these saw.

Furthermore, by enduring excess pressure, it can trim and cut the trees of differing thicknesses smoothly. You don’t have to worry even when you’re dealing with tough exteriors; the DuraLife Engine technology extends its lifespan.

Ergonomic handle design, coupled with vibration controlling mechanism, enables users to get a lot of work done before fatigue kicks in. The best part of the design is the bumper spikes and sprocket nose bar. In order to make the cuts in less effort, they are placed perfectly with a bar length of 20 inches.

The motor power is amazing and can handle a variety of tasks with ease. Also, the air filtering system operates correctly to keep debris away.

  • The powerful engine can keep the device running for a long time
  • The handle is ergonomic
  • You can work with ease as vibration is not a problem anymore
  • The auto-oiler lubricates the surfaces frequently
  • Carrying it is comparatively difficult
  • You have to be ready with an extra carburetor adjustment tool

3. Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20″ 55.5-cc Chainsaw

If managing a chainsaw is your biggest problem, then Husqvarna 455 Rancher gas engine chainsaw is the most reliable solution with a bar length of 20 inch. The incredible heavy-duty 50 cc chainsaw is a combination of power and versatility.

With proper maintenance and lubrication, the Husqvarna 455 at its prime can deliver a whopping 9000 RPM, suitable enough for all domestic and a lot of professional projects.

As the chain gets loose and requires tinkering, the device contains a scrench holder, so that you can easily get hold of the scrench and tighten the chain and bar.

Moreover, the filter system allows no debris to enter the engine with airflow; therefore, your machine works for a long time without any stoppage in the middle of the task. The auto-oiler keeps these two parts lubricated throughout the whole process.

Due to the long bar and efficient motor, you can cut and fell trees effortlessly. As Husqvarna 55.5cc chainsaw vibrations are almost non-existent, it is quite comfortable to hold the handle; you can continue your work without fatigue.

  • It can conduct the toughest job effortlessly
  • Carrying it for the required time is easy due to the handle
  • The air filter system ensures a lengthy operation
  • You can simply adjust the tension with a scrench
  • It is a bit expensive than others
  • Working with it is a bit challenging due to its bulky size

4. Echo CS-590 20″ 59.8cc Timber Wolf Gas ChainSaw

Do you want to march into the woodworking battleground carrying a robust 50cc chainsaw with convenient design? Then without any hesitation, have a look into Echo CS-590 Gas Chain saw. Cause it is designed to provide all the things you can expect.

It has an innovative design with a 2-stroke engine with 20 inch bar length, which is powerful enough to complete any demanding job. You can trim, cut, and fell trees of any thickness effortlessly, relishing the tremendous results compared to electric ones.

Furthermore, its long chain bar is continuously lubricated with oil by the auto-oiler make it easy to use. Even the scrench holder is in a perfect position to get hold of the scrench immediately. You can tighten the bar and chain with it quickly without thinking of any leaks oil.

Starting the device by pulling the rope is more manageable due to the decompression valve. You don’t have to worry at all, as the stationary handguard protects your hand from accidental contact with the chain.

  • The handguard ensures your safety
  • Trees of various thicknesses can be handled easily
  • The auto-oiler reduces the friction between the chain and bar
  • Its scrench holder keeps the scrench closer to you
  • Due to plastic construction, the handguard is a little risky
  • It is heavier than the others

5. Echo Cs-490 Professional Grade Vintage Chainsaw

If efficiency is what you are looking for, then no choice can be better than the Echo CS-490. You’ll find some exceptional features in this chainsaw that are absent in other products.

Keeping safety as a primary concern, the tool comes with a robust and adequately shaped handguard. This part protects your hand from unexpected contact with the chain.Besides, the auto-oiler never fails to keep the chain and bar lubricated.

Additionally, the fantastic motor power has made tree felling and cutting effortless. Any demandable work that involves thick trees can be easily done due to the proper bar length and capable engine. To make the machine perform heavily a primer bulb and auto return choke is added which ensure that your chainsaw starts effortlessly.

The ergonomically designed handle, coupled with its manageable weight ratio, will help you operate it for a long time. Its configuration and power tools maintains a proper balance between the weight and added parts. You will feel less disturbed in any work conditions with it as it does not vibrate at all.

  • The handle has made working more comfortable
  • Its engine provides immense power for the best performance
  • Your hands remain from the bar
  • As it is light weight, you can hold it for a considerable time
  • You might not like its color
  • It does not include a scrench holder

6. Jonsered CS2245 18 Inch 50cc Gas Powered Chainsaw

Get ready, as we present one of the most convenient chainsaws offered by Jonsered now. The unbeatable Jonsered 2-Cycle gas engine 50cc chainsaw is a full package of amazing features and a perfect one to take care of any household property. We’ll discuss the details in this Jonsered chainsaw 50cc review which comes with 18 inch bar length.

As time is a crucial factor, this tool has one of the best easy to start system. You can smoothly pull the cord without any resistance, and start it without any hiccups. For smooth engine startups, this saw has Smart start technology and fuel pump. Comparatively, this pulling process is 40% simpler than others.

An essential inclusion in it is the vibration dampening system is the steel spring, which helps you work at ease for a long time as it reduces your fatigue. The automatic oil flow lubricates the bar and chain for optimum performance. Again this chainsaw has anti-vibration technology and great ergonomics combining all the power tools.

Furthermore, presence of snap-locked filter system for filtering the air, makes it more efficient in keeping the engine cleaner. When there is a kickback, the chain brake gets activated automatically, preventing any unwanted contact.

  • You can instantly turn on the chainsaw
  • As the vibration is minimal, working becomes more manageable
  • It is comfy to hold the handle
  • The chain brake ensures your safety
  • Oil might leak sometimes
  • The handle is not rubberized

7. Husqvarna 450e II 18″ 50.2cc Gas Chainsaw

Want to properly work on trees, giving your yard an elegant look? Then we strongly recommend Husqvarna 18 Inch 450e II Gas Chainsaw, one of the most trending 50cc saw. You either be a weekend warrior or regular craftsman, this product will amaze you by its features.

You will be amazed by the capabilities of its superb motor that simplify handling thick trees.

Even if you do accidentally contact or slice through unwanted surfaces, the chain brake gets activated instantly to prevent kickback.

Moreover, the auto-oiler acts continuously to lubricate the bar and the chain, reducing their friction; thus, you can effortlessly handle challenging tasks. You can immediately adjust the chain tension whenever you require it.

Before the debris enters the air filter, 3% of sawdust gets eliminated, keeping your engine cleaner for a longer time. The cap is easy to open, and refueling can be done quickly. You can start your saw effortlessly with minimal downtime.

  • The motor generates enough power to complete any difficult task
  • Its chain brake stops kickbacks
  • No debris can harm the engine
  • Within a few seconds, you can activate it
  • The safety equipment and guard is poorly constructed
  • Its handle is not rubberized

8. Makita EA5000PRGG 20″ 50 cc Chain saw

From this Makita EA5000PRGG chainsaw review, you will get to know about the well-constructed and beneficial Makita EA5000PRGG 20 inch chainsaw with 50cc engine which is a consumer-grade chainsaw too. If you do not want to get a backache anymore operating a bulky chainsaw, have a look.

The new easy start system is spring-assisted. Without putting much force, you can instantly activate your device. Therefore, not a single minute is wasted. When it comes in contact with unwanted surfaces, the chain brake inactivates the tool.

Furthermore, most surprisingly, it weighs only 11.9 lbs. Along with its robust body maintained by magnesium, the balance between its weight and size is perfect. Cleaning is more manageable due to its smooth shape.

Though its engine consumes less fuel, it generates maximum power to give the required performance. The chain and bar work smoothly as they are continuously lubricated by the auto-oiler.

  • Less fuel consumption means more savings
  • Its light weight has made its carriage possible for a long time
  • You can instantly start your product
  • The chain brake turns the rotation off to avoid accidents
  • It provides no extra chain and bar
  • Comparatively, it is expensive

9. Remington RM4216 16″ 42cc 2-cycle Gas Powered Chain saw

Are you looking for a chainsaw for both firewood cutting and diy projects, and also has maximum power and strength to shape the trees in the way you want? Be ready to be surprised as Remington RM4216 Gas Powered Chainsaw is exactly what you need.

One of its amazing features is the inclusion of the auto-oiler that continuously disperses oil to lubricate the chain and the bar with 16 inch bar lengths too. As the friction is diminished, the chance of wearing out deteriorates too.

Additionally, its durability is highly confirmed by the filter system of air. The filter prevents the entry of any debris into the engine and chain compartment, reducing the need for continuous maintenance. Besides, you can have quick access to the side-mounted chain tensioning and tighten it. Which certainly makes the machine easy to use.

The powerful engine allows you to work on trees from medium to large-sized and in any work conditions. As you pull the cord, the gadget starts instantly. If there are any unwanted contacts, the chain brake immediately stops the device. In order to make the cuts easy bumper spikes and sprocket nose bar are designed in perfect place through much palnning and testing.

  • The auto-oiler always keeps the chain and the bar lubricated
  • Tightening the chain is more manageable
  • No debris can enter the engine
  • Easy start with a single pull on the cord
  • You have to cool it down for a few hours
  • It vibrates a bit more than the others

10. XtremepowerUS 22″ 45cc Gasoline Chain saw

No matter how challenging a task you face, Xtremepower Gas 2-Stroke 50cc engine chainsaw never backs out. It becomes the ultimate savior when every chainsaw fails to withstand pressure and satisfy you.

Safety is a primary concern for any user. To protect you from any danger, it has a chain brake system.

The chain break becomes activated at the moment the device comes in contact with unwanted materials. Its handguard shelters your hand from the chain.

Moreover, its amazing starting system is combined with smart start and so requires an effortless pull of the cord to begin slicing and dicing. Consuming less fuel, its motor generates intense power to take down trees of any thickness.

The air filtering system blocks the passage of debris toward the engine, confirming its long-life span. As it does not vibrate, you can work for a long time attentively and with less fatigue.

  • You can work without being disturbed by vibration
  • Its engine works effectively as it remains free from debris
  • The chain brake prevents accidents
  • You can turn it on instantly
  • Restarting it takes a little time
  • The tensioner bolt is not sturdy

50cc Chainsaw – Buying Guide

Before you buy a chainsaw, there are many key points that you need to consider before you make your final decision. Bearing these factors in mind will help you in deciding what type of product suits you the best.


When it comes to safety, there isn’t enough that can be said about the features that a chainsaw needs to have. Also, one must be aware of the necessary accessories that are required while handling it.

Safety features:

Keeping the safety and the well-being of the consumer in mind, the majority of the 50cc models, are built with the following essential features: –

  • Chain catcher

In the incidence of a broken chain, the gadget automatically stops and prevents the chain from flying off, thus reducing the damage.

  • Trigger locker

It stops the chain saw from accidentally switching on.

  • Right-hand guard

This feature protects the operator’s hand from getting injured by the saw, especially in the case of a flying chain.

  • Chain brake

The brake prevents the user’s left hand or the non-working hand from getting injured during a kickback. You can activate it by pushing the brake forward with the help of your wrist. Doing so will instantly stop the chain from causing further damage, both to the operator and the chainsaw.

  • Safety switch

This is another added feature that stops the chain at any given time by the simple push of a button.

  • Safety precautions

Apart from getting a gadget equipped with safety features, it is also wise for you to add in a few accessories that would ensure your well-being while you are working.

It is important to equip yourself with proper work clothing and accessories that can protect your face and body from accidents.

You can do this by wearing well-fitted clothing, a helmet, and steel-toed boots.

Also, it is preferable to wear a helmet that has a face shield. It’ll help you protect your eyes from any debris. Moreover, wearing protective gloves will prevent your hands from getting hurt.


Unless your profession involves heavy-duty cutting, then it is best to avoid getting chainsaws that are heavy to carry. Working with heavy saws can quickly cause your joints and hands to cramp. Also, moving around with them for over an extended period of time can easily wear you out entirely.

Therefore, when you are choosing a chain saw, you should consider the weight ratio of the machine, and choose a saw you can use for hours at a stretch and easily maneuver it.

Ease of maintenance

Naturally, when you are cutting through a lot of lumber, your gadget needs adequate attention because of all the wear and tear that it goes through.

For this reason, taking proper care of your chain saw will keep it running for a long time. Your negligence towards it would shorten the lifespan of the machinery, especially if you are using it on a regular basis.

So, in order to properly maintain your chain saw, it is best to choose the one that has removable parts. This feature will make the disassembling and reassembling process quick and easy to use.

In addition, you can replace any damaged parts of the machine without having to buy a new one. However, there are some chainsaws that need the touch of a professional expert and can only be serviced by them alone.

Chainsaws with less removable parts can help reduce the tedious process of maintenance and also saves you a lot of time. But it makes replacing the faulty parts difficult.


A device of this nature is susceptible to a lot of wear and tear. Therefore, getting a warranty is, and being on the safe side is a smart option. During the warranty period, you needn’t worry about making any extra expenditure on repairs and replacements.

All the top-tier brands out there, such as Husqvarna, Oregon, Poulan, back their products up by giving warranties. Try to snatch a chainsaw with a warranty because it is a trademark of top-notch units.


A chainsaw is a dangerous tool, to begin with, as one slight slip can result in serious injuries. So, if you are using a model that is heavy or bulky in nature or isn’t well-centered, then that can add a lot of pressure on your body and can quickly wear you out.

Even using a chainsaw that has uncomfortable handles increases the risks of getting hurt by tenfold. So, to avoid this from happening, you should choose one that is easy to lift and comfortable to use.

With a chainsaw that has ergonomic handles, you can have proper control over your machine. It allows you to have a firm grip. Besides, it increases efficiency and decreases fatigue when you are working.

Front and rear handle

When it comes to working with a chain saw for long hours, you should choose one that has a comfortable grip on both its front and rear handles. This allows you to smoothly cut off branches and trees easily, even at awkward and difficult positions.

A proper front handle will help you with precision cuts, while rear handle makes power cutting much easier.

Vibration, noise, and cold


You can decrease the effect of vibration of the chainsaw by applying the following methods.

  1. By inserting damping springs in between the engine and the movable parts, you can dampen the vibration of the chainsaw.
  2. Wearing thick protective gloves that are made out of shock-absorbing material can reduce the impact of the vibrations of the machine on your body to a minimal.
  3. Also, you can purchase a chain saw that is built with an anti-vibration system.


Chainsaws usually tend to create a large amount of noise, especially the gas-powered ones. So, you should opt for a professional chainsaw that is less noisy.

You can also buy noise-canceling ear protectors that can counteract this problem.


During winter, working outside and slicing through trees can be troublesome. It happens because working in cold weather can reduce the blood circulation in your hands and eventually cause them to go numb.

There are a few chainsaws that have heated handles. This feature can help tackle this problem and allow you to continue working for hours.

50cc vs. 60cc Chainsaws: Which to go for?

The difference between a 50cc and a 60cc is the power of the engine. The cc represents the cubic centimeters. Therefore, comparing the engine size 50cc with 60cc,  you will notice a considerably bigger engine. The larger the engine, the more powerful the chainsaw.

Hence, the model that you choose should depend on the type of work that you need to complete. If you need it for carving wood, clearing off small branches, cutting trees with less width, or firewood cutting and any diy projects, then a 50cc model would work perfectly as this is a consumer-grade 50cc chainsaw too.

However, if you are logging and felling trees with much bigger width, then it is best if you select a 60cc chainsaw.


How much horsepower is 50cc?

The horsepower of a device is the total amount of power that is produced by its motor. In the case of a chainsaw, the horsepower largely affects the speed and the strength of the saw.

A 50cc chain saw has roughly 2.7 horsepower. This power output is sufficient to easily cut through different types of wood.

What cc chainsaw do I need?

As mentioned above, cc refers to cubic centimeters, which defines the size of the engine. The higher the cc of the chainsaw, the more powerful it is.

So, when you are buying a professional chainsaw, you need to consider a few factors such as the horsepower that you would need to get the job done and the type of requirements that your job demands.

The question you should ask yourself is- do I need to perform super-heavy-duty tasks? If yes- then go for 60cc; if the answer is no- go for 50cc.

Final Verdict

As we’ve said earlier, a versatile product beats a niche one any day (if you don’t have a special project that requires a niche product). A 50cc chainsaw is flexible in its design and power, allowing it to tackle various tasks with comfort.

So, we’ve looked into a lot of chainsaws before honing it down to 10, and now we’re going to declare a winner from this lot as well. The Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher, with its superior engine, safety features, and cutting ability, swimmingly takes the number one spot!

However, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative, go for the Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle. It’s the closest second, and the price is almost 60% lower than Husqvarna.

We hope this article was of use to you, and wish you a happy shopping!

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