Makita 5377MG Magnesium Hypoid Saw Review

A saw should be a necessary item in every homeowner’s toolkit. However, people are skeptical because they imagine saws to be this 100-pound vibrating monster. 

Well, it doesn’t have to be- not all saws are heavyweight, the design differs according to user needs. 

The unit we’re about to discuss today is somewhat of a ninja in the saw-realm. Just like a ninja, it’s nimble, lightweight, and cuts you get from this baby are to the letter. 

So, in the world of flashy advertisements that confuse potential buyers, we bring you a genuine Makita 5377MG review. If you’re an old pro in the line of woodworking, you’ve probably heard the name of Makita. And if you’re new, then brace yourself for a thorough breakdown of a unique magnesium-infused circular saw.

Let’s have a look into all of its features in detail, and then you can decide whether it is worth investing.

Makita 5377MG – A Quick Look

Makita 5377MG Magnesium Hypoid Saw

  • Lightweight body construction with magnesium components.
  • Excellent cuts with 15 AMP motor delivering 4500 RPM.
  • Compact chainsaw having excellent ergonomics.
  • Oil bath technology makes maintenance easier.
  • The rip fence is unavailable.
  • Minor startup kicks


  • Motor power- 15 AMP
  • Speed- 4500 RPM
  • Weight- 13.2 pounds
  • Accurate cuts
  • Dimension- 21.75 x 11.75 x 12.5 inches
  • Material- Metal
  • Power source- Electrical corded
  • Voltage- 120 Volt
  • Components- Lightweight magnesium
  • Oil bath technology for less maintenance
  • One-handed adjustment available
  • Rubber grip handle
  • User-friendly

Features & Benefits

Makita 5377MG comes with many neat advantages, so it can be super convenient for customers. 

So, to make you understand all of the features thoroughly, let’s look into the detailed discussion below.


It is quite challenging to cope with a heavyweight product, no matter how unique or attractive they are. So, weight is one of the essential features of a circular saw that ensures its versatility.

Lightweight products are less likely to fatigue your arms; they’re also manageable at the same time. The good news is that this unit weighs only 13.2 pounds that it’s surprisingly low compared to its robust build quality. 

Some people think that there are many other spherical saws, which are lighter and more compact than this one. It’s not an advantage, rather a problem. The concession of weight comes at a price; you won’t get the power you need for heavy-duty tasks. 

But this unit guarantees that it is not only for domestic work but also well-suited for a professional worksite. Besides, it comes with a dimension of 21.75 x 11.75 x 12.5 inches that is also ideal for compact workshops.

Therefore, work as long as you want because your hands won’t feel a thing!

Makita 5377MG Magnesium Hypoid Saw


Makita 5377MG includes several components to make it user-friendly and convenient for customers, and each of them is replaceable. It means you can change these parts if any damages occur over time. 

So, the circular saw you are looking into right now comes with two most sturdy and lightweight materials. One of them is magnesium, and another is hypoid, and both of them are infused with each other.

The best thing you will find here is that these materials not only ensure durability but also allow maximum flexibility for the task at hand. 

Well, let’s have a look at some of its components and their assigned duty. 

  • Motor case:

It has a magnesium motor case that protects the motor, also saving it from uncertain damage, especially if the saw falls from your hands. Besides, it doesn’t carry any extra pounds as well.

  • Baseplate & Blade case: 

Both of them use magnesium as a construction material. So, these are also very convenient in terms of weight and durability. 

  • Ultra-coated framing blade:

This unit includes so many unique features, and we consider this one to be a noteworthy mention. It has an ultra-coated framing blade that helps to increase the performance of the blade by a thousand-fold. 

So, it contributes to dissipating the heat deliberately, so eventually, it will not let your hands feel warm by the excessive temperature in one area. Also, it ensures smoother and faster cutting with the pitch build-up mechanism. 

  • Blade wrench: 

The saw comes with a blade wrench attached to its body. Due to this attachment, it becomes very comfortable for you to change the blade quickly. 

  • Advanced tooth design: 

The advanced tooth design is specifically the ‘M’ design of the blade. Here, you will get two beneficial elements. One is two 10-degree bevel faces and another is a two-pointed tip that increases the capacity of the blade and makes it long-lasting. 

  • Rubber grip rear handle and lever: 

The handle is significant in terms of your comfort and usability. So, for your convenience, the power tool includes a rubber gripped rear handle that will give you a firm hold while working. 

The lever also comes with a rubberized material that allows one-handed adjustments quickly. 

  • Power cord: 

The long power cord is necessary for circular saws because shorter ones will reduce your range of operation. This unit comes with a 10 ft power cord, which is long enough to reach your power outlets. 

  • Oil bath technology: 

There is a unique oil bath technology, which keeps the sealed gear housing lubricated all the time. Besides, it includes a built-in fan. Therefore, this unit requires very little maintenance.

Makita 5377MG Magnesium Hypoid Saw


A pro-tier motor requires high power for better performance and precise cutting. Along with that, another crucial factor is speed. 

Makita 5377MG comes with a 15 AMP motor, which can deliver up to 4800 RPM. 

So, you will be able to cut through some considerably large exteriors using this saw.

Even with such noticeable power, the unit is lightweight. Therefore, it does not create any pressure over your hands, giving you the ability to perform precision cuts.

Cutting capacity

Everyone looks for a high cutting capacity before purchasing a saw because it is essential for accurate cuts on different materials. However, it differs according to how you want to use the product. 

This circular saw has a 7-1/4 inches premium blade with a maximum of 2-3/8 inches cut at 90 degrees and is powered by 2300 watts. But it gradually changes with the depth of a cut. 

It comes with 1-3/4 inches depth of cut capacity at 45 degrees. When the angle increases, the extent of the cut is 1-9/16 inches, around 50 degrees.

Moreover, it includes positive stops for quick changes at 22.5, 45 and 51.5 degrees. Thus, there are no issues regarding capacity. This 120V unit offers quite high cutting efficiency for slicing through any material.

Makita 5377MG Magnesium Hypoid Saw


Safety should always be the priority of any power tool, so manufacturers have tried to make this unit as safe-to-handle as possible. 

There is an attached retractable hook that keeps your hand closer to the blade but doesn’t let it come too close for contact. 

However, some customers complain about not having the rip fence in this saw. It is a bit problematic for beginners because they are less likely to take precautions before using power tools. 

So, our recommendation would be to exercise safety measures before waddling down to the worksite with this or, in general, any saw.

Makita 5377MG 7-1/4" Magnesium Hypoid SawHighlighted Features:
  • Magnesium components create a lightweight saw (13.2 lbs.) that is well balanced and job site tough
  • Oil bath technology is created with a built-in fan and sealed gear housing to ensure 100% oil surface coating for less maintenance
  • Large cutting capacity (2-3/8" at 90°) with positive stops at 22.5°, 45° and 51.5°
  • Large cutting capacity (2-3/8" at 90°) with positive stops at 22.5°, 45° and 51.5°
  • Makita 5377MG 7-1/4" Magnesium Hypoid Saw

Final Verdict

The designers at Makita always go out of their way to come up with brilliant and seemingly preposterous innovations. While the magnesium-infused components are both praised and debated, we believe it deserves a spot in both the professional’s and beginner’s toolshed. 

Besides, it offers numerous features, including excellent motor power with high RPM, oil bath technology, ultra-coated blade, magnesium components, and many more. You can enjoy some immense benefits if you have already decided to add this circular saw to your bucket list. 

We hope our Makita 5377MG Magnesium review helped you learn all you need to about this ninja-circular-saw.  

We wish you a happy shopping!!

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