When circular saw blades become dull, you are left with no choice but to sharpen them. However, after sharpening them for a longer period, their teeth may wear out, and you have no other choice but to replace them for safe and efficient cutting energy. It is possible to tell if the blade needs replacement by merely listening to its motor when running.

If you notice that the motor is straining to cut or takes longer to cut, you need to think of sharpening or replacing your blades. Other than blades becoming dull or old, you can also decide to replace the blades if you are switching the materials you are cutting, like when you are switching from cutting plywood to cutting metal.

However, the way you replace the blades depending on the saw.

Here are tips on how to replace circular saw blades-

Follow instructional manual

The saw’s instructional manual is the idealist best place to get information when it comes to replacing saw blades. Some saws come with blade release switches for an easier removal while others need you first to loosen the bolts holding the blade in place.


Use the manual to learn how to replace the machine.

Unplug the saw from the power

Before doing anything else, switch off the power and unplug your saw from the wall socket. If the saw is battery-powered, remove the battery before trying to replace the blade.


Unplugging the saw from the power source is essential to avoid accidental power on which is very dangerous.

Removing the blade

There are cutting machines that come with a rotation lock to give room for fastening the shaft that holds the blade in place. You can use the wrench to unscrew the screws. Once the bolts are loose, finish unscrewing using your fingers. However, if your saw comes with a hex bolt, then you will need a wrench to do that.

If your saw does not come with a rotation lock, stick a bar through the center of your blade so that you can hold it in place as you unscrew the bolt. You can also choose to wedge the blade into a wood scrap. Unscrew the bolt in the opposite direction to the rotation of the wheel.


Sometimes, you need to hit the bolt with a hammer or a screwdriver to keep it in place when loosening it. Once you finish loosening it, you can now unscrew it with your fingers.

Place the machine safely on the ground

Once you remove the blade, place the machine as well as the blade in a secure place and pull back the blade guard. If your saw comes with an arbor lock button at the top of its housing, press it in. The arbor lock is the shaft that you install the blade on.


If your saw comes with no lock buttons, you can press the blade into a wooden surface.

Clean the machine

Before replacing your blade, it is good to take advantage of the situation and clean the upper and the lower blade guards to remove the sawdust that accumulates into the machine. Also, make sure that the blade you intend to install fits the circular saw in terms of the overall diameter and fixing the hole at the center of the machine.


A clean machine makes smooth cuts and makes less noise

Replacing the circular saw blade

After you clean the machine, take the blade and fit it into the arbor. Some saws come with a diamond-shaped arbor or a circular one, and so you need to make sure you place it at the center to get the same shape hole. You can effectively do this by laying your blade flat on two pieces of wood, leaving the b enter of the center of the blade hanging on the gap between the two planks of wood. After that, punch the arbor with a hammer.

After that, replace the nut and then tighten it with a wrench making sure that the lock nut isn’t squeezed or the blade pushed into the wooden ground. Once the nut is tight, plug-in your saw or puts the battery back.


Avoid over tightening the arbor nut since the normal functions of the saw tightens it, and making it too tight may make it hard for it to remove when the need arises.

Replacing a circular saw blade is a straightforward process. All you need is to follow the above steps, and you will surely find it enjoyable.

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