How to Sharpen a Circular Saw Blade? (6 Easy Steps)

How to Sharpen a Circular Saw Blade? (6 Easy Steps)

With hundreds of people from all over the world use circular saw blade, it goes without saying that most of them are never aware of how to sharpen their saw blades. While the conservative saw blades like carbide saw blade leaves sharpening to industry professionals, a majority of people are in the recent years choosing to sharpen their blades at home.

You don’t have to spend money going to professionals every time your blades get dull. You will regularly have dull blades if you are a regular user and seeking a professional’s help every time is expensive. Provided you have a functional Dremel tool or a diamond row hone add-on, you can get the skills.

Read the following tips on how you can sharpen a circular saw blade using a Dremel:

What do you need?

  • Small brass bristled brush;
  • Dremel tool with a diamond hone attachment;
  • The dull saw blade;
  • Citrus oil soap;
  • Safety gloves;
  • Safety goggles;
  • Basin with water;

Step 1- Unplug the saw blade

First and foremost, unplug electric saw blade from the wall socket to avoid accidents. Also, remove the blade from the saw with a wrench. You should never dare to sharpen your blade while still intact on the socket or the saw.


By unplugging the saw, you are now safe to sharpen the blade without encountering any accidents.

Step 2 – Choose a working area

Choose a working area and make sure it has enough lighting. Also, make sure the area doesn’t have any dust, dirt and other debris.


When sharpening circular saw blades, you need enough lighting since the process is prone to possible injuries. Also, you need to see the tooth clearly while sharpening.

Step 3 – Submerge the saw blade in water

Get a basin full of hot water and add copious amount of citrus oil soap. Add more soap until the water surface gets thick and contains soapsuds. Dip your saw blade that is dull in water; leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes.


When the blade dries, take the cutting edge and rub any dirt the oil that may be trapped between its teeth using a bristle brush. Leave the blade out to dry.

Step 4- Finishing the saw faces

Insert a diamond paddle hone attachment into the Dremel’s device nozzle and damp its tip with the foamy water. Wear sturdy gloves as well as the goggles for the eyes and then turn on the device at an average setting.

Apply the tip of the paddle hone that is already damp on the steel sides of the saw that are steel. If you notice sparks, you need to paddles tip once again and proceed to finish the saw blade’s faces until all the surfaces display an equal shine and color.


Finishing a saw blade that is circular gives room for easier and successful sharpening. Just make sure you do it right, and you won’t find it challenging when it comes to sharpening the blade.

Step 5- Sharpening a circular saw blade

After finishing the blade, it’s now time to sharpen it. All you need is to hold your circular blade vertically in one hand with gloves to place it for sharpening. Dip the tip of the paddle hone in the soapy water to re-wet it again before you insert it against the saw blade’s flat face.

Now, turn the Dremel device on at an average setting and then apply your wet hone on all the saw blade teeth. Make sure you do skip the teeth sides as you sharpen.

Softly touch the saw blade tip with your paddle hone to aid when it comes to sharpening. Repeat the same with every tooth until you sharpen all the blade teeth with a wet paddle hone.


To know where you began, you can mark your first tooth so that when you get to it, you can tell if you have sharpened all the teeth on the saw blade.

Step 6 – Rinse the blade and test cut

Once you finish sharpening, clean your blade with hot water and then leave it to dry for 15 minutes before taking it back on the table saw. Once you put it back, plug your saw back on the wall socket, and get a piece of wood and test cut to see if the blade is sharp enough. Sharpening circular saw blades is that simple. Just make good use of the above tips and become a saw blade sharpening guru!

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