Fear? Not If You Use How to Remove a Circular Saw Blade The Right Way!

While saw blades play a crucial role when it comes to cutting different types of materials, with time the blade’s teeth wear depending on the type of material you cut. If you use your saw blade on tough materials, you may have to remove the blades for sharpening or replacement more often than you would when cutting wood.

This article has tips on how to remove circular saw blades-

Unplug from the power source

Before you begin to remove the circular saw blade, you need first to unplug the saw from the socket and if using a cordless saw, remove the battery. After unplugging, leave the machine for ten minutes to allow any remaining power to drain out.


Never try to make any adjustment on the saw with the power on since that might be very dangerous.

Wear protective gear

After unplugging the saw or remove the battery, you need to put on your gloves before touching the saw to avoid harming your arms. You can also wear protective goggles since you never know, and dust and debris might pop out of nowhere and get into your eyes.


Wearing protective gear is crucial as you can work confidently, without having to worry about harming your body in any way.

Know the structure and makeup of the saw

Removing saw blade with little information on which feature turns this way or that way might be dangerous. Most saws come with a wrench that attaches to them, either a blade wrench or an Allen type with a hole that goes on top of the arbor nut. The wrench might be on the handle of the saw or hidden in the saw body.

Understanding the structure of your saw is crucial since circular saws might be right-handed or left-handed and the blades might turn towards any direction. While getting ready to remove or replace the blade after removing it, you need to know the direction of the teeth as well as how to remove circular saw blade guard. These saws also come with a button that activates their locking system and so you need to take care.

Removing the blade

Once you disconnect saw from the power source and you already have protective gears on, take the saw and place it on the surface. After that, remove the blade guard so that the blade can stay exposed ready for removal. In case your saw comes with an arbor lock, then engage it.

An arbor is the housing that your blade seats on, and once you lock it securely, you’ll hold the nut firmly as you loosen it to remove the blade. If the machine does not come with an arbor lock, then push the blade into a wooden floor and hold it ready for the next step.

To safely remove the blade, first press the button to lock the arbor and test it to make sure that the blade is not moving. With the use of a wrench, you can now loosen the arbor nut.

However, to do so, you need to turn the nut in the same direction with the saw blade teeth. After retracting the guard, you are now able to remove the circular saw blade.


Holding the saw firmly makes sure that the blade will not come out accidentally since that is dangerous.

Reinstalling a saw blade

After removing the saw blade, you may need to install another one. When doing so, you first need to lay the new blade over the arbor to make sure that the teeth face the right direction. In most cases, many blades come with an arrow or guard to help you.


You may use a wrench to tighten the bolt on the arbor until it is snug. Make sure you don’t tighten it as this can make it hard to loosen it when trying to remove it next time.

Removing circular saw blade is that quick and easy. You do not have to deal with dull and worn out blades because cutting any material with dull blades is dangerous. All you need is to follow the above steps and remove the saw blade safely and successfully.

All the best!

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