Guaranteed No Stress How To Change A Jigsaw Blade

Just like any other tools, jigsaw’s blade sharpness does not last forever. Whether the blade is an expensive one or made of study material, as long as you use the jigsaw, it will wear down with time. At times, the blade might even break or snap if you misuse it. The good thing about jigsaw is that you don’t have to dispose of it if it stops to work. All you need is to change its blade, and it will work as good as new. The following are tips on how to change a jigsaw blade within minutes.

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Safety comes first

It would not be right to talk about how to change the jigsaw blade before enhancing your safety. When it comes to the jigsaw blade, you should never compromise on safety. Always make sure you wear protective gear before making any adjustments on the machine.

To begin with, before any other thing, unplug the machine from the wall socket and if using a cordless machine, remove the battery to avoid running the machine accidentally. Also, make sure you wear gloves and protective goggles for added safety.

How to replace jigsaw blade

When it comes to replacing the blade on a jigsaw, there are two methods that you can deploy.

Method 1- When your jig saw machine needs no tool to replace the blade

This method is ideal when working with a modern jigsaw since they are capable of releasing blade automatically from the lever. If using such a model, here is how you can change its blade.

Have a new blade ready-

Before you begin with the replacement process, make sure you have the blade that you wish to install ready.

Loosen the release lever-

After getting the blade ready; it’s now time to loosen the release lever on the jigsaw. In case you have no idea on the lever’s location, check the manufacturer’s manual.

Removing the blade-

It is now time to remove the blade from its blade clamp to create room for another blade. Some models come with automatic ejection while others need you to remove the blade manually. If your model calls for manual removal, make sure you have the gloves on to avoid accidents.

Insert the new blade-

Finally; you can now insert the new blade. When doing so, make sure that the blade is facing in the right direction as placing the blade wrongly might become fatal. Make sure that the teeth are facing away from the jigsaw. Also, make sure that the lever is tight enough and put it back to its place ready for the next task.

Method 2: When the jigsaw uses tools

In case you use an older saw that comes with no lever to automatically release the blade, these are the steps that you need to follow:

Loosening the screw-

To successfully remove the blade, make good use of a screwdriver or an Allen key to loosen the screw that holds the blade in place.

Removing the blade-

Once the screw becomes loose, unscrew it further using hands and remove it and make sure you have the gloves on. After that, remove the blade clamp, and you can now prepare the blade that you wish to replace.

Replace the new blade-

After unscrewing the older blade and taking it out, take the other blade and insert it into the blade clamp in the same direction with the previous blade. Make sure the teeth are facing away from the saw. Some blades may come with an arrow that you can use to know where it should face.

Tightening the screw-

Once, you insert the blade correctly, make sure you tighten the screw that holds the blade shank so that you can hold the blade in place ready to make smooth cuts.

Put back the machine-

Once you are done replacing the jigsaw blade, you can now put back the machine into its rightful place; put back the power and test-cut to see if it works perfectly. Once all goes well, you can get back to cutting smooth cuts as much as you wish.


Nothing is challenging in replacing jigsaw blades. While this is an important process that you need to learn especially if you own a jigsaw, it will also help you meet more goals and boost your productivity.

While the first replacement may seem a bit hard, once you do it several times you will notice that it is just but a walk in the park. Make good use of the above information and replace your jigsaw blades with great confidence!

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