Best Chainsaw Tachometers – (Tested & Reviewed in 2021)

Have you ever wondered what makes your woodwork or carpentry different from the ones of professionals? Did it ever occur to you how their cuts and slices are precise to the point?

Well, the solution to your problems is a mysterious small piece of device, which is best known as a chainsaw tachometer.

Now some of you may have no idea what we are blabbering about; so, let us enlighten you with some knowledge. A tachometer is a device that allows you to measure the rotation per minute (RPM) of an engine. We are done with the basics, now let us see some of the best chainsaw tachometers on the market, a guide to purchasing them, how to use them, and how these little geniuses work.

Top Rated Chainsaw Tachometer Picks Below

Runleader Digital Maintenance Tach/Hour Meter,Battery Replacement for Small Gas Engine,Used on...
Top Pick Hardline Products HR-8061-2 Hour Meter/Tachometer for up to 2-Cylinder Engines,Black

Best Chainsaw Tachometer Reviews

After months of research, we have narrowed down to the top ten best tachometers out there. You will find a detailed description of all the products down below.

1. Runleader HM032R Tachometer

Runleader HM032R Tachometer

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Having a tachometer comes in handy because you can monitor the performance of a chainsaw. Other than this, it will also assess the carburetor accurately.

The Runleader HM032R is an induction tachometer designed for two to four-stroke petroleum engines. First of all, the system can read both the RPM of a chainsaw and a motor as well as the hours/runtime.

The RPM reading is 20,000, and the reading hours are up to 99999 hours, so there is quite a bit of space to run. To calculate the revolutions per minute, link the wire to the equipment and check the display.

This device contains a replaceable battery. It’s not only replaceable, but the date is also saved automatically after you exchange the battery. Another useful feature is its sleek LCD backlight, which is waterproof and easy to read.

Its RPM measuring mechanism calculates the current RPM, displays, and shows the engine’s optimal RPM. Whether you are making adjustments or checking your device, having various methods for calculation is very helpful.

What we like:
  • Automatically saves data in the battery
  • Bright LCD screen
  • Able to read up to 20,000 RPM & 99999 hours
What we don’t like:
  • The buttons are difficult to press

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2. Hardline HR-8061-2 (Digital Chainsaw Tachometer)

Hardline HR-8061-2

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Even though it is reasonable to adjust the low-speed and idle screws on a chainsaw without using a tachometer, you need a tachometer to make one of the essential modifications: the high-speed feature.

The Hardline H4-8061-2 is a digital tachometer known for its versatile features, which makes it stand out from the other models. It is applicable for any gas engine which has up to two cylinders.

Furthermore, the device features a high RPM range, and it can provide a reading of 16,000 revolutions per minute. It has an adaptable input for different kinds of ignitions, such as injected and fuel engines.

The device’s hour meter displays the total hours acquired, and it also shows the revolutions per minute while the engine is on. It is fully weatherproof and water-resistant because of its 100% encapsulated covering case.

The batteries inside are designed to last for ten years, so you don’t have to change them frequently.

What we like:
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Batteries will last for ten years
  • Easy to install
What we don’t like:
  • Reading is sometimes inconsistent

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3. Runleader Digital Hour (Best Small Engine Tachometer)

Runleader Digital Hour

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It is particularly hard to choose a tachometer out of several other models in the market. Knowing the good and bad features of the instrument can help you make a wise decision.

The Runleader Digital Hour meter is a handy device that will help you monitor the number of hours that you put on the engine. Even when the engine is shut off, the display screen remains visible and shows the total runtime of the engine.

Another great feature is its programmed reminder timer. This service timer will countdown the maintenance time by flashing the warning icon as a reminder.  It is also completely waterproof.

The instrument accurately calculates the revolutions per minute while the engine is on. Other than this, it adjusts the engine idle, and it is designed for different engine firing systems.

Furthermore, it has a CR2450 replaceable battery, which saves data even after the battery is changed or shutdown. The installation is straightforward and smooth, with a very detailed set of instructions.

What we like:
  • Precisely records revolutions per minute
  • Data is saved even after the battery is changed
  • Easy to install with accurate instructions
What we don’t like:
  • Weak LCD

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4. Digital Chainsaw Tachometer Tach Gauge

Digital Chainsaw Tachometer Tach Gauge

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It is crucial to have reliable control over the rotational speed of your chainsaw. When you use the chainsaw in different kinds of workpieces, various modifications come into play in terms of revolutions per minute, and this is where having a tachometer comes in handy.

The Digital Chainsaw Tachometer is manufactured for engines powered by gas so that you can use it for your chainsaw, boat, lawnmower, tractor, dirt bike, ATV, RV, and many more.

This device comes with a clasp intended for the spark plug cable. Usually, there is just a piece of cable that is swathed over the spark plug. The lead coil is concealed, so it has a layer of protection and safety for comfortable use.

Moreover, the tachometer provides 25,000 revolutions per minute. When the motor is on, the display screen shows the current revolutions per minute of whatever you’re operating.

The instrument will also show you the maximum RPM of the device’s operating power even after the engine has been turned off. Although the battery can’t be replaced, it has the durability of 4 to 9 years.

What we like:
  • Includes clasp for spark plug
  • Suitable for different gas-powered engines
  • Programmable instrument
What we don’t like:
  • The battery cannot be replaced

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5. Digital Photo Laser (Wireless Chainsaw Tachometer)

Digital Photo Laser

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A tachometer is not only a perfect instrument for a chainsaw, but it also works efficiently in automobile engines. With this device, you can track the rotational speed and performance of their machine.

The Digital Photo Laser Tachometer is a cordless device known for its different features. As we mentioned earlier, a tachometer is compatible with not only chainsaws but other engines as well.

This particular instrument can be used on anything that rotates. For instance, you can operate it to calculate the speed, a milling machine, lathe, and HVAC applications to measure the rotation of a fan.

It can calculate any speed ranging from 2.5 to 99,999 revolutions per minute (RPM). The device runs on four batteries and has an auto-zero adaptable feature, which saves the values that you want to store.

To use this device, you only have put a reflective stamp onto the chainsaw target and then focus the laser beam on the mark, which will automatically display the RMP value on the LCD screen.

What we like:
  • Large LED display
  • Bright laser beam attached to the LED
  • Suitable for a variety of applications
What we don’t like:
  • Weak battery life

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Buying Guide: How to Choose a Chainsaw Tachometer?

You should always look before you leap, which is, in this case, checking out the features prior to purchasing a tachometer for your chainsaw. If you do not want to end up with a dead-end machine, then we suggest you go through the informative buying guide.

The Quality

Built-quality is one of the most crucial features of a tachometer. Let us be frank, slicing down woods is not the most hygienic job. Therefore, you and especially your tachometer will be exposed to debris, wood dust or water, and much more.

On the other hand, the tachometer will also go through a lot of vibration due to the chainsaw. Thus, built-quality is imperative as your device needs to come out victorious even after endless tortures.

So, before purchasing a tachometer, check if the little buddy can handle the effects of the environment.


Okay! Let’s get down to business. Previously we have mentioned that a tachometer can read the RPM of an engine. It can be the engine of a chainsaw or anything else that rotates.

However, you must know that there is a specific limitation, even for the best tachometers. This limitation of reading the RPM is called the range of a tachometer.

Usually, such devices can read up to 10,000 rotation per minute, which is more than enough for most machines. Nevertheless, you must know the limits of your tachometer.

Having a high range is useful when you plan on using the product on different machines.

Power Capacity

Another crucial aspect that you must look before buying a tachometer is its power capacity or battery life. Two models are most famous on the market.

The first one is used with cordless chainsaws, and the second one is often seen in wired saws.

The best tachometers on the market have an exceptional battery life. They can run for a lot of years (some may even live longer than your chainsaw).

Thus, we recommend you to check the power capacity of a device before spending your hard-earned cash.

Digital Memory

By memory, we do not mean that the tachometer will remember your homework. Instead, it is a feature that enables the device to memorize the minimum and maximum RPMs of a specific period.

Moreover, the digital memory will save every data even if the batteries run or switch out suddenly. Hence, your data will always be safe and secure inside the device.

On the other hand, if you want to observe the performance of your chainsaw, this feature can be a blessing for you.

Final Thoughts

There is a fine line between decent and excellent work. To reach excellency, one must use everything in their arsenal. Hence, you should not saw woods without using a tachometer.

A chainsaw tachometer is not only optimal for accurate cuts but also useful to know about the condition of your saw. You can check the RPM of your machine for precise slices, which is crucial if you want the best results.

On the other hand, you can check the maximum RPM of today and compare it with the readings of yesterday. If it’s not the same, then you will know that your saw is not in its finest shape.

In our review of best chainsaw tachometers, we have tried to cover almost all the things related to tachometers. We hope our guide will help you to buy an optimal device that will satisfy your woodworking needs.

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