Best Jigsaw Blades For 2021 – Tested & Reviewed

Best Jigsaw Blade

A jigsaw is a carpentry tool used for sawing through wood or cutting through metal, plastic, etc. The jigsaw has a blade attached at the bottom. They are considered to be very useful if you want to cut through nooks, corners, and narrow spaces. With the proper jigsaw blade, you can not only cut straight but also in a circular motion. It depends solely on the kind of blade you use. 

Before purchasing a jigsaw, you should consider certain factors. You should firstly choose the correct type of blade. For example, if you are cutting wood, a blade with large teeth helps in this case as speed matters while cutting. If you are cutting any metal sheets, a small blade with a high amount of strength will come in handy. There are many kinds of blade teeth available.

The ones with narrow teeth cut finely. Blades with large wavy teeth cut objects in wavy patterns. A side tooth blade help in cutting edges quickly. You will also find a reverse teeth blade where the teeth are positioned backwards. To purchase the perfect jigsaw blade can be a confusing task. I have listed below 4 jigsaw blades that are popular in the market today.

A Comparison List of our Favorite Picks

Best Jigsaw Blade for Plastic – BLACK-DECKER 75-626 24-Pack Set

Stanley Black and Decker have manufactured storage equipment, electronic security system for businesses, etc for many years. Over the years, due to their high-quality service, they have received a lot of positive reviews in the market. 

Black+Decker jigsaw blades are versatile and durable. They can cut through metal, plastic, steel, and aluminium. 

Product description

Black and Decker is a set of 24 blades with different blade types and teeth. They come at an affordable cost. For a contractor, this set will be his best companion as it has all the blades he will need for cutting any type of material. A homeowner will not use all 24 blades. Buying a set of blades this way also saves a lot of money. Purchasing blades individually can not only end up burning a hole in your pocket but also waste precious time.

Blades used over time become blunt and dull. Black and Decker’s blades come with a fine edge of sharpness from the manufacturer themselves. They are made of premium quality steel and are durable. These blades can be used not only for cutting wood but also for cutting metal objects. This set has scrolling blades which can also be used for delicate cutting of wood. The BLACK+DECKER 75-626 also comes with metal blades which can be used for cutting wood, metal and non-ferrous metal. This jigsaw blade is excellent for cutting metal along with plastic. 

Black and Decker is the best set to purchase if you are on a budget. Instead of buying the blades separately, this set comes with all the different kind of blades. The blades are U shank-shaped. So while purchasing blades, you need to check and see what kinds of blades are compatible with your jigsaw. If the jigsaw you own works only with T shank-shaped blades, this can go to waste. These 5 blade types range from 6 teeth per inch to 24 teeth per inch.

  • Durable and high-quality steel
  • 24 blades in pack- 5 blade styles
  • Cost and time saver to buy as a set
  • Scrolling blade available for delicate cutting
  • Metal blades for metal, wood and non-ferrous metal
  • Can be used for metal, PVC, plastic, wood
  • Excellent performance and sharp blades in kit
  • U shank-shaped
  • Blade teeth range -6 to 24
  • Affordable to buy a full set rather than a single blade
  • Cannot be used for fast cutting
  • Short blades

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Best Jigsaw Blade for Plywood – Bosch TC21HC 21-Piece Set 

The Bosch TC21HC set is a multipurpose T Shank blade set. They can be used in any modernized jigsaws available that function with a T Shank blade.  With this kit, you will receive a tough carry case so that you can keep these blades safe and secure.

Product Description

These innovative steel blades come in a pack of 21. Bosch blades come in 6 different varieties. They can be used for cutting metal, wood, plastic, fibre, etc. Bosch TC21HC multipurpose blades come in very handy for an interior decorator, a contractor, etc. Instead of purchasing these blades separately, you have all of them in 1 set. This set basically is a time and money saver.

The Bosch blade set has 2 progressor blades which have been patented by them. They are extremely smooth and fast cutters of thick and thin objects. The blades are made of bi-carbon steel thus ensuring their strength and durability. These blades are excellent in their quality and performance. Also, they have their teeth pitch ranging from small to large. This helps in its functioning even way better and faster than normal blades. 

The Bosch blades have T Shank shaped design. This design helps any modern jigsaw model to have a firm grip on the blades. They can fit any jigsaw and work perfectly. When it comes to wood, this kit has 5 T144DP blades, which help in cutting at angles. It also comes with 5 T101B blades including the two patented blades which come in handy for finer cutting. All these blades vary in their sizes and the way they function. 

The blades have a strong body. They do not bend easily like any other blades you get in the market today. Bosch also provides you with a hard case. This keeps the tools safe and secure. Also, the case protects the tools from dust and moisture and you can carry it easily wherever you go for your projects. 

Bosch Pack of 21 Kit includes four T101B blades for Wood. It also comes with four T144DP blades for precise and finer wood cutting. It also includes four T101D blades for Wood and three basic scrolling blades for Wood. Also, the Bosch kit is inclusive of three T244D blades for Speed cutting and three T101AO blades for clean scrolling for wood.

Last but not the least, the teeth of these blades is progressive in pattern ranging from small to large. The smaller set of teeth is near the handle and the larger set is found near the shank.

  • Premium quality bi carbon steel
  • T shank design-ensures speed and grip
  • Includes 2 Bosch patented blades
  • Highly durable
  • Affordable cost
  • Blades available for all kinds of wood work-fine cutting, cutting at curves, etc.
  • Size of the blade tooth increases from small to big
  • Dulls over a period of time

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Best Jigsaw Blade for Hardwood – DEWALT DW3742C 14-Piece Set

Dewalt’s 14-piece multipurpose blades are very useful for any remodeler, contractor as these blades can cut not only into wooden items but also metal. All the blades are T shank-shaped. As these blades are all available in one kit, it is very useful and saves time and money than rather going out in the market to purchase them separately, which costs a lot of money.

Product Description

Dewalt has 14 blades in its jigsaw set all of which have teeth per inch (TPI) of 6,10,12,18, and 32 inches respectively. The blades having TPI from 6 to 10 are specifically made of high carbon steel. High carbon steel blades are very flexible and there is no danger of them snapping. The blades which are 3 to 4 inches also have TPI ranging from 6 to 10 inches.

These T Shank shaped blades are best in their performance. They can be used only in Bosch and Dewalt jigsaws. There are 7 types of blades in the kit. They are highly durable and made of high-quality metal. Their cutting and speed performance is remarkable and has been designed to specially deal with wood and metal.

Dewalt also provides you with a two-sided hard case so the blades can be stored carefully rather than having them strewn around which can be a safety hazard. Many customer reviews state that these blades are excellent in cutting plywood and pinewood.

  • Versatile and durable in nature
  • Blades teeth range from 6 to 32 inches
  • Affordable cost
  • 7 types of blade design
  • Can be used for cutting wood and metal only
  • T shank-shaped design
  • Excellent for pinewood and plywood
  • Performance has received positive feedback.
  • Blade starts to bend after a lot of usages
  • Only six slots available, when the blades are 7 types
  • Limited to Bosch and Dewalt jigsaws only.
  • Starts to dull after continuous use

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Best Jigsaw Blade for Wood – SKIL 94906 5-Piece Set

Skil 5 piece blades for wood come at an affordable cost. Each blade costs really cheap and is U shank-shaped.

Product Description

Skil blades are specifically designed for cutting wood only. Unlike Dewalt, Bosche, you cannot use them for plastic or metal items. The blades are individually very cheap so if you wish to buy them separately instead of the entire set, you will find them very affordable. Buying a blade set in which all blades are made for just one material ie wood, can be helpful for remodelers, contractors. It saves them time and money.

If you are looking for versatile blades, Bosche or Black and Decker that we have reviewed above can serve you that purpose. These blades have a U shank-shaped design. Basically, older design jigsaws used U shank-shaped blades. Modernized ones use T shank-shaped blades which are very common today. Skil blades are durable and their performance is considered to be good. While purchasing blades, it is very important to consider the material that you will use the blades for. Blades specifically designed for wood cutting are made of carbon steel. These kinds of blades are not expensive. The performance quality is really good.

  • Very affordable`
  • 5 piece blade set
  • Only designed for cutting wood
  • Blade bends over continuous usage
  • Wears out fast
  • Quality of cutting deteriorates
  • Replacement needed over time
  • No hard case received along with blades
  • Not versatile- cannot be used for metal, fiber, plastic, etc

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Best Jigsaw Blades Buyers Guide – What to check when you decide to buy a Jigsaw Blade

There are three main things that you need to keep in mind when you buy a jigsaw blade. I have mentioned each one in detail below:

Teeth per Inch

You get different kinds of blades in the market today. Each one of them serves their own purpose. They all have different speed, durability, quality, and performance. They have varying teeth per inch (TPI). For example, blades which have TPI below 10 are mainly made for woodwork. When the TPI is high, the cutting performance is finer and faster. 

For cutting metal, TPI around 20 or more is perfect. As seen above, you get blade sets of 24 or 14 which have a variety of blades suited for only just wood or any other material. So instead of purchasing separately, buying in a set will be cheaper and also a time saver for you. 

T shank-shaped blades are more common than U shaped shank blades. U shaped shank blades mainly are manufactured by Black+ Decker and SKIL. You should also check the kind of blades compatible with your jigsaw. For Example, Dewalt 14 piece blade set is only suited for Dewalt and Bosch jigsaws. T Shank blades are commonly used as they are compatible with many modern jigsaws. Older jigsaws use U Shank blades. 

Blade Material

Blades are made of different kind of materials. High Carbon Steel material blades are very flexible. While cutting wood, customers have complained that the blades ran off course. Also, they become dull after continuous usage. High-Speed Steel blades are much more durable. They are also hard and can cut wood really fast. However, they cannot withstand the high heat temperature. 

Bi-Metal blades are made up of carbon steel and high-speed steel. They are much more durable and flexible. As they are a combination of 2 kinds of materials, they have much more advantage when it comes to performance and quality. They are flexible, highly durable and have high resistance to wear and tear. 

Another blade material available in the market today is Tungsten Carbide. Blades coated with tungsten carbide have high-quality performance. They have a high resistance to heat. This chemical compound is known to be twice as strong as steel. Also, it is very flexible and can be molded into any shape and size.

Blade Teeth

With regards to the blade teeth, there are different types available. Commonly available blades have ground teeth which are really sharp. Tapered teeth are really good for fine cutting of wood. Side tooth blades are good for quick snips.

Blades are mainly differentiated as per teeth per inch( TPI). If the TPI is higher, the cuts will be finer and smoother. Also, the material used in making the blades also matter. 

You should buy a jigsaw blade set which will last for a long time. It should have really good quality, efficiency, and durability. You should purchase blades keeping in mind the kind of material you will be mostly using for your work. The shape of the blade teeth, the inches between the teeth and their arrangement on the blade is important. However, there are some blades which over time become dull. These blades start to bend which overall affects its cutting performance and durability. 

These kinds of blades will have to be replaced frequently in a couple of months or years depending on the frequency with which you use them. This just leads to wastage of time and money. Hence always go through product reviews, customer complaints, etc so that you are educated about the blades you wish to purchase. You should also check out product manuals or buyer guides for further assistance.


Purchasing a jigsaw blade can be easy once you have decided what material you will need it for. If it’s only for wood, Skil 5 piece blade set is perfect as it is designed only for cutting wood. If you are looking for cutting metal, plastic, basically more versatile blades, I would recommend going for Dewalt, Bosche or Black+Decker. They all come in bigger sets with 5, 6 or 7 different blade types.

The 24 pack Black+Decker set has received a lot of positive reviews and is considered to be the topmost sold product when it comes to jigsaw blades. This is mainly due to its durability and versatility. These set of blades can be used for wood and metal. 

The Bosch 21 piece set has 6 different types of blades. This kit also comes with 2 Bosch patented blades which have a gradual low to high designed tooth pitch. The Dewalt 14 piece blade set comes with 7 types of blades and a hard case too. These T Shank shaped blades however are only limited to Bosch and Dewalt jigsaws. 

The SKIL 5 piece blade set is specially designed only for wood and no other material. So if you wish to purchase blades only for wooden items, this blade set will be perfect for you. Also, these blades are very cheap so you can buy them as a set or also individually. Basically overall, purchasing the perfect jigsaw blade depends on your budget.

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