Best Chainsaw Mills [Review & Comparison in 2021]

Best Chainsaw Mill Review

Are you thinking of turning some wooden materials in the yard into usable lumber and you do not want to spend money on a professional? Well, a chainsaw mill is the best tool for you. The machines are made to saw through huge wooden pieces to leave you with usable lumber cuts. While the task is not so easy when dealing with a chainsaw mill, the lumber cuts produced are worth the tiredness. The produced lumber is of excellent quality to make sure you enjoy the results.

A chainsaw mill is a small sawmill that only needs one or two people to use. The mill itself is just a metal frame that is made to clamp and sit squarely on a piece of wood. When pushing the chainsaw along with the wood, the frame helps you to hold it right to be able to cut relatively straight along the board. Chainsaw mill helps you when it comes to adjusting the chainsaw height, on the top of the wood. By doing this, you can adjust board height between the minimal and the greatest thickness.

The best chainsaw mill fits many competing specifications which makes it hard to find the right one. The mill needs to be heavy and durable enough to cut through all types of wood. At the same time, the machine needs to be lightweight enough for ease of use and portability. With all these features, you will prevent accidents that may occur as you work with the saw. Getting a sawmill that is compatible with a chainsaw that you already own is a crucial consideration. Here is an honest review of the best portable chainsaw mills. Enjoy the read!

Best Chainsaw Mills (Review)

Granberg Chain Saw Mill G777 – Top Pick

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If looking for the best portable chainsaw mill, then this product is the best that you can have. A suitable chainsaw mill makes life easier if looking forward to creating your lumber. With a chainsaw, you drop the guesswork of creating your lumber manually. With that in mind, a mill is a wise investment, especially if you cut a lot of lumber. It is undoubtedly the best chainsaw mill for the money.

The mill is a lightweight attachment of the saw that clamps on and cuts wood from ½ to 13 thicknesses. It also cuts logs that go up to 17 inches long. The machine comes with an attachment assembly that helps it connect to various chainsaw without using a drill bar. That means you can easily set up the mill with a standard chainsaw if in need of cutting large pieces of wood into small posts.

What we like:
  • According to Granberg chainsaw mill model G777 review, the mill is lightweight
  • It is made of high-quality material
  • The mill is easy to use and carry
  • The machine is very affordable
  • The machine is very sturdy and durable
What we don’t like:
  • The mill only uses gas chain saws
  • It only works with powerful chainsaws

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Granberg MK-IV Alaskan

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The chainsaw comes second from the best portable chainsaw mill G778. The chainsaw mill length dictates the amount of wood that you can cut at a go. Medium sized chainsaws are good for smaller projects. They are also perfect for smaller sections and projects of lumber if you do not need large pieces of boards. However, if in need of huge pieces of lumber or logs, then you will need a larger mill to be able to make fast and correct cuts.

The Granberg MK-IV is the best option if looking for a mill to cut large logs, of up to 27 inches wide and a thickness of around 13 inches. The good thing about this mill is that it comes from 30 rails that guide your saw blade as you make the cuts. With that rail guide, you can make clean and straight cuts with ease. The machine comes with a steel and aluminum frame to make it strong enough to withstand pressure without failure.

What we like:
  • The mill is made of heavy-duty materials
  • It is ideal for a large lumber
  • You can easily adjust the mill to use of different sizes
  • Can cut through all types of trees
What we don’t like:
  • You need a powerful saw to use on this mill
  • You need some assembly to use the mill

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Granberg MK-III Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

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Granberg MK-III is the best chainsaw for the Alaskan mill. In various ways, the mill is just like its sister MK-IV. The mill is well-known as a great heavy-duty mill since you can get easily large wooden pieces. Also, it cuts through large pieces of lumber within minutes. Since it is a heavy-duty chainsaw mill, the steel and aluminum parts of the machine will last for a long time.

The good thing about the machine is that its 30-inch rail supports any tree and logs, regardless of the shape and size. In case you have logs that are too heavy for you, this is the sawmill you need to get.

The mill can easily make lumber that is up to 13 inches wide as well as 27 inches long. When you compare it to MK-IV, this mill can make longer boards from wood. Walnut, cedarwood, and Oak can work well on this mill as well as many types of wood that you want to turn into lumber.

What we like:
  • The mill handles large and heavy logs
  • The mill comes with quality construction
  • The machine does not allow your chainsaw to rumble
What we don’t like:
  • According to portable sawmill reviews; the mill will only work on powerful chainsaws

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Popsport Chainsaw Mill 14-25

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If looking forward to milling a huge amount of wood, then you need a chainsaw mill that comes with quality construction. The reason is that a quality mill will withstand repeated abuse. Heavy duty mills are ideal for professionals or those looking forward to milling wood a periodic hobby. With a heavy-duty machine, you will get better results as a result of the thicker construction.

The mill is the best chainsaw for milling lumber. The chainsaw is an aluminum and steel tool that comes with thick rails to withstand buckling and twisting during use. The guide rails on the mill come in various lengths and are flat for straight cuts. The rails can also handle up to 48 pieces of lumber with ease. In spite of the extra size and mass, the mill is portable enough for you to use it around the yard or on a different site out of the woods.

What we like:
  • The mill attached directly to the chainsaw bar
  • The machine is perfect for builders, woodworkers as well as outdoor enthusiasts.
  • It mounts to the chain bar with a few turns of the wrench
  • Comes with a portable system to help you transport it to your working place
What we don’t like:
  • Height adjustment is a bit challenging
  • The assembly guide is not so clear

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Granberg G555B Edging Mill

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If you are on a budget, then this is the mill to go for. According to portable sawmill reviews; Granberg G555B is the best cheap chainsaw available in the market. If you need a mill that is both affordable and effective, loaded with many features, then search no more. The mill is the best small mill that delivers fantastic results.

A milling device is a gas-run unit that can cut the length of 25 inches. When it comes to performance, the mill is ideal for slab edging or squaring. The unit weighs around 6lbs and has the bar clamps that are 2 inches width.

The tool is perfect when it comes to squaring logs or edging slabs. As a result of the mill’s compact design, the mill may not be ideal for huge pieces of lumber. However, it is a highly effective tool. The attachment of the mill will work well if proper ripping saw chain is in use. The mill is perfect for both professionals and amateurs.

What we like:
  • The mill comes with a compact design
  • It’s the best for edging slabs
  • Includes a cutting manual
  • Awesome for both professionals and beginners
  • The mill is very affordable
What we don’t like:
  • Not easy for some people to use
  • Not ideal for a big lumber

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Buying Guide: How To Choose a Chainsaw Mill?

Bar capacity

The length of the chainsaw mill bar is the main limit on the width of a wood that you intend to cut through. Therefore, you need to consider the bar capacity. The best way to make sure that your chainsaw mill works effectively is to measure the diameter of the wood that you intend to cut. That way you can buy a sawmill with a bar that cuts over that particular length. Unfortunately, you cannot extend a chainsaw bar after you have bought it. With that in mind, ending up with a small bar capacity will force you to buy another chainsaw mill. To avoid that, always measure to make sure you get the right bar capacity.

Cutting Depth

The cutting depth is another crucial consideration. The reason is that it determines the thickness of the boards that you can make with the sawmill. Cutting depth is adjustable to help you cut different sizes of boards. However, there are limits on how thick or thin your board should be. Majority of the mills come with cutting depths ranging from ½ to 12 inches thick, even though some goes up to 13.

Chainsaw fit

Chainsaw mills are meant to work with a chainsaw that you already own. However, not all chainsaws are compatible with all the mill designs. To avoid trouble, make sure that your existing saw works with the mill that you intend to buy. Even if some chainsaw mills need a chainsaw that comes with a drilling hole, some mills don’t require a drilling hole to attach to the handle.

The saw kerf-size adaptability

The first thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to chainsaw mill is the saw kerf. The reason is that the saw kerf displays how thick the cuts will turn out on the plank. What it means is that the kerf determines how many planks you will make from your lumber.


When thinking of using a chainsaw mill to cut logs, you are more likely to carry the machine around constantly. That is why you need to consider weight. The best way to check the weight is to try it directly at the shop. If not in the shop, pay attention to the specifications online and look for its specific weight.

Remember that the final assembly comprises the chainsaw alone and so you must estimate the overall bodyweight to avoid having a hefty machine. If looking for a lightweight, choose smaller chainsaw mills.

Cutting ability

The ability to cut depends on the size of a chainsaw bar. However, you need to check for when the mill comes with adjustments that can help you get a better cutting capacity.


Price is a reason that you need to consider if you want to get the right sawmill. A chainsaw mill costs several dollars, but if looking for an entire chainsaw mill with excellent features, then you will need to dig deep into the pocket. However, different brands have various chainsaw mills at ranging prices. All you need is to check to see the one that fits your budget.

Benefits of a Chainsaw Mill

When shopping around, even as you look at some of the most important factors to consider, it won’t hurt to think of some of the benefits of using a chainsaw mill. Considering the benefits may be a bridge to making an informed buying decision. Here are some of the benefits


Imagine spending so much money on a sawmill, only for it to wear and tear, even before you can recover the loss. Within no time, you are out of the machine and money. What a disaster! The good thing about a sawmill is that it comes with a good warranty. This will enable you to return the machine to the company or claim a refund. All that you need is to check on the warranty and money-back guarantee offered by the company before you can make any decision.

The sawmill is a Do It Yourself (DIY)

Nothing feels good like handling a project on your own. While this may be a bit challenging, with a sawmill it is very impressive. You can cut lumber into different shapes and sizes to suit your projects with ease.

Makes work easy

Lumber or timber milling is a very hard task. However, with a sawmill, you won’t even feel the challenge. The mill makes it easy to make clean and right lumber cuts within no time.

Saves time

With the tool, you can use it right on site. This means that the amount of time you could have spent transporting the logs to the worksite is minimal. The sawmill mills everything into portable lumber.

There you have it! A chainsaw mill enables you to turn a huge bunch of wood around your home into usable lumber to use in your next project.

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