How To Sharpen A Chainsaw Blade

A chainsaw makes it easy to cut through hardwoods, and other materials. However, with time, the chain gets dull. If you notice that you are facing difficulties trying to cut with your chainsaw, then it is about time you sharpen your chainsaw blade. While some people think that the process is a tough one and that it needs a professional, it’s surely an easy task that you can do at home. Just follow these simple steps on how to sharpen a chainsaw blade.

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Step 1: Wear Protective Gear

When it comes to handling a chainsaw, safety comes first. The first thing you need to do before touching the machine is to make sure you have the necessary protective gear. Some of the things that you need to have include goggles and gloves.

Step 2: Secure the Saw

In case you want to sharpen the chain while attached to the saw, then you need to make sure that the blade is tensioned properly. Accidents are prone to happen and so you should always be careful.

Step 3: Turn off the Saw

Before attempting to work on the machine, make sure you unplug it from the power socket. If using a cordless saw, remove the batteries.

Step 4: Clean the Chain

Wipe all the grease and oil to prevent build-up on the file’s teeth. Grease and oil accumulation affects the wheel when grinding.

Step 5: Slide the file on the front side of the cutter

Hold the file and make sure it stays on the same level on top of the chain. In a single smooth motion, push the file via the cutter and avoid using much pressure. Simply make sure that the pressure is only enough to feel the grinder against the cutter. Lift the file from the cutter and reset it to an equal place and angle as before. Never pull the file from the back as this will damage not only the file but the cutter as well.

File the cutter 3 to 10 strokes until it is sharp

File the cutter when counting the strokes until you feel enough sharpness. Make sure the cutter is shiny or appears sharp. Counting the strokes is important as it helps you maintain consistency with other cutters. Make sure you use the same number of strokes on all the cutters.

Sharpen the second tooth from the starting point

Once you finish sharpening the starting tooth, you can rotate the chain to get to the next tooth. Continue sharpening until you get to the starting cutter. All you need is to make sure you sharpen the teeth equally.

Remain consistent

The chainsaw comes with two types of cutters: the left and the right cutters. By alternating them, your chainsaw is able to make straight cuts without leaning to either of the sides. If you happen to file one cutter more than the other, you might lose the chainsaw balance. Maintain consistency on all the cutters.

File away from your body

While sharpening, make outward strokes, away from your body with your file at 30 or 35 degrees. The file guide will help you to file all cutters to an equal shape and depth. You can cut a slot in the saw-bar as you sharpen.

Rotate your chainsaw at one-eighty degrees

Loosen your vice and rotate your chainsaw at 180 degrees. Once you do this, you will reveal the alternate cutters that you may have skipped in the first round. However, as you sharpen them, don’t change the stance or the method.

If you are unable to adjust the chainsaw position, you can easily move around the saw. Also, you can adjust the position of the file to make sure it faces the same direction. All you need is to maintain consistency and you are good to go.

There you have it. Whether you intend to learn how to sharpen a chainsaw blade with an electric sharpener or you wish to learn how to sharpen a chainsaw blade with a Dremel, these tips will surely help you find your way around the process. Just make good use of the above tips and you will never regret.

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