How To Measure Chainsaw Bar

The measurement of a chain saw bar is different from the actual bar length. What this means is that the cutting length is not equal to the real chain bar length. While many people presume that the two measurements are the same, it is good to understand the importance of knowing the length of the chainsaw bar.

These measurements are very important, especially when it comes to replacing the chain bar. The measurements of the bar express the right cutting length of the saw and not the entire bar length that is a few inches longer. If looking forward to getting the right bar length, you need more than a tape measure.

Here are tips on how to measure chainsaw bar-

Without a chainsaw, which is a small part of the tool, the entire is as good as dead. The chains rotate around the oval-shaped guide bar and it gets power from the motor. The guide bar plays a crucial role when working with the saw. With that in mind, it is important for you to measure the bar to make sure you get the one that fits your chainsaw perfectly. That is why you need to know how to measure chainsaw bar length, to make sure you get the right one.

Step 1: Safety comes first

The first things first, turn off your chainsaw. After that, unplug the spark plug from the power socket. You can easily find the spark plug by removing the saw’s carburetor box found at the back of the chainsaw. Do this by unbolting the bolt that holds the spark plug in place. By doing this, you can be sure that the machine will not turn on accidentally as you take the measurements.

Measuring the cutting length

It’s now time to measure the cutting length. All you need is to take out a measuring tape. Measure the bar’s length from the merging point t the tip of the chain. Ideally, this point is between 12 and 20. In case you get a fraction number, you can round it up to the closest number.

For example, align a measuring tape at the center across the bar. You can repeat this process severally if you have some doubts.

Measure the chainsaw actual length

Now that you have the cutting length, it is time to measure the actual length of the chainsaw bar. You can start by removing the casing found at the back of the chainsaw. For this, you need a suitable wrench to loosen the bolts or nuts.

Once you f removing the casing, you can now take out the casing. Once the casing is out-of-the-way, measure the bar from tip to tip. That is very easy, right?

Pull the tape measure

As you measure, pull the tape measure tightly to make sure it is in line with the furthest tooth of the machine’s nose. Note the length on a piece of paper, and then round it up to the nearest inch. In case you are unsure of the measurements, it is advisable to repeat the process severally. Remember that you want to get the right cutting length and it is the number that you will use when replacing your chain or bar. That is why you need to be sure of the measurements.

Assemble the parts

Now you have all the necessary measurements and it’s now time to assemble the parts. These parts include the bar, the carburetor, casing, and the spark plug. Once you bring them together, you have a full functioning chainsaw.

As you measure, it is good to remember that if the chain and the bar fail to fit perfectly, all the measurements of the chainsaw bar are useless. That is why it is important to check how to measure the chain.

In case you are a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, you will need to replace the chain or the bar sooner or later. But you now don’t have to worry. With the above information, I believe you will have no problems at all. While you can ask for professional help, it is good to do it on your own. That way, you get to enhance your working skills and become a guru when it comes to chainsaw bar replacements. All the best!

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