Hitachi C10RJ 10 inch Jobsite Table Saw with Fold and Roll Stand Review

Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw Review

Carpenters and framers working on various materials and job sites need a portable, dependable, and a professional table saw. Hitachi C10RJ suits the description best! The tool comes with a very stable stand, and it is very powerful and easy to use. The saw brings everything you may wish to get from atop class table saw.

Designed with professionals in mind, the saw incorporates a powerful motor, a wide cutting area, as well as a 10 inches blade. The saw can cut anything that the job throws at you, from fine cutting, rip cutting, and can even handle tougher jobs. Just continue reading the Hitachi C10RJ review for more on that!

Hitachi C10RJ 10 inch Jobsite Table Saw with Fold and Roll Stand

  • The saw’s design incorporates high quality and durable components
  • The tool is powerful and easy to use. It also cuts through almost every material
  • The saw’s foldable stand offers excellent stability
  • Multiple features, as well as fine adjustments, offer suitability for every woodworking project
  • The 10-inch carbide blade is included in the pack

The saw comes with a rather sophisticated design that makes the tool, less useful to beginners and hobbyists. However, it comes with Hitachi C10RJ owner’s manual, making it ideal for all.

Read on the following Hitachi C10RJ review for more information-

Built and design

The blade impresses at first glance. The quality that comes with its design and construction convinces you that the saw was created for specialists. The table saw itself comes with high-quality parts. Hitachi is highly known for the durability and reliability of the tools they offer.

The top of the table saw comes with a reliable caster platform as well as a stand. Just like the saw, the stands come with quality construction. They come with foldable legs for easy breakdown and set-up.

What we love most about the table saw is the legs stability while in use. As a result of their excellent balance, you can easily use the table saw at any place, provided you have access to a wall. The durable wheels add value to the saw. The wheels are fixed on the stand for easy movement on all terrains. The wheels are equipped with all-terrain tires for enough support and easy handling.

Another great thing with the saw is its onboard storage that offers adequate space for many accessories. You can store anti-kickback pawl, push sticks, blade guard, and other useful things.

Cutting capacity

A sufficient cutting table means that you can cut large pieces at one go. The saw’s table measures 22 x 28 ¾ inches. It also comes with an extendable top that offers a 35-inches rip capacity to its right. The capacity is much more than what you can get from a compact tool.

All this is made possible by the reliable rack-and-pinion system as well as a rotation fence that resembles that of the DeWalt.  Moreover, C10RJ offers an incredible out-feed extension. The saw is clear that you can easily cut anything when working.

Hitachi C10RJ 10 inch Jobsite Table Saw with Fold and Roll Stand


The universal carbide-tipped blade-the machine comes with a carbide blade that is compatible with all table saw blades. You can use the blade for making rip cuts through various types of woods.

Dado capacity- for professionals, the machine comes with Dado Insert as well as most dado blades. You can use the blades to cut grooves into the work-pieces with ease. The tool has a dado capacity of 8 x 13 or 16 inches.

Depth control-the tool’s depth control works efficiently to make sure you get clean and precise cuts. At the same time, the saw allows micro fence adjustments, offering the right cuts.

Hitachi C10RJ 10" 15-Amp Jobsite Table Saw with 35" Rip Capacity and Fold and Roll StandHighlighted Features:
  • Hitachi Power Tools has renamed to Metabo HPT. Same great tools, with only a new name.
  • Direct drive universal 15 Amp motor produces 4,500 RPM to power through the toughest ripping applications
  • Soft start function reduces noise and recoil at start up
  • Electric brake halts the rotation of the blade within seconds for added safety
  • 10 inches 40 Tooth carbide tipped blade included for high cutting capacity

FAQs on Hitachi C10RJ

1. Can the saw accept DADO stacks?

Ans. The saw is compatible with Dado stacks of about 8 x 16 or 13 inches. With that in mind, the saw can make simple Dado cuts.

2. Is it possible to use a molding head cutter on the saw?

Ans. Yes! The table saw is designed with a professional woodworker or a framer in mind. With that in mind, the saw blade is compatible with many accessories, including molding head-cutters.

Hitachi C10RJ 10 inch Jobsite Table Saw with Fold and Roll Stand

C10RJ is what every professional or hobbyist’s woodworker is looking for. With the above Hitachi C10RJ table saw review; you can easily get the best for the best cutting experience. All the best!

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