Best Table Saw Under 500: Reviews & Guide in 2021

Best Table Saw Under 500

As an individual with interest in DIY projects, you probably know that there are two types of table saws. The first type of table saw is a cabinet table saw. However, this might not be the best for DIY projects. It is a little heavy and moving it from one place to the other may be a bit challenging.

The second type and the most appropriate for DIY projects is the contractor table saw. It is more portable, and lightweight, and which makes it perfect for DIYers out there. Some level of portability is not a bad thing especially if you have a small space in your shed or workshop.

As a professional woodworker, you don’t want a tool that is going to give you problems as you work. Efficiency and skill are critical, but you cannot achieve proficiency with the wrong type of devices. Below, we are going to discuss the best table saw under 500.

3 Best Table Saw Under $500 (Best Picks)

Best Budget Table Saw Under 500 Reviews

1. DeWalt DWE7480XA Table Saw – Top Pick

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Some of the features that are going to make you love this machine include simple adjustments. The telescoping fence rails are some of the features that make this machine accurate. Most of the DeWalt 7480 table saw reviews highlight this fact.

Typically, you can make quick adjustments depending on your needs and preferences. Every DIY project requires some particular measurements, and this top-rated portable table saw helps you achieve that.

The 24-inch rid capacity is entirely appropriate for various woodworking and DIY projects. The modular guarding system makes it easy to make adjustments, and you can achieve an accuracy as well as efficiency in the long run. And with such specifications as 4800 RPM and 15 amp power rating for the motor, you can expect a great table saw for your woodworking project.

The table saw stand is heavy duty, and can comfortably handle a significant amount of load, without seeming to struggle. It also folds efficiently to make it easy to store.

You will also notice that the table saw comes with a dust port to make it easy to clean. Also, the device is not too heavy to move. In our opinion, it is just the right size for your shed or garage, and you can move it whenever you need to clean the space it is on.


And even though this table saw is one of the most efficient, it is quite loud. Also, it eventually becomes difficult to raise and lower the blade over time. That is one issue that can affect your efficiency in some way.

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2. Hitachi C10RJ Table-Saw – The Runner-Up

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In the following Hitachi c10rj table saw review, we are going to highlight a few points that make this table saw one of the best and our apparent runner-up.

The 4500 RPM and 15 amp motor produce a significant amount of power to cut through a variety of wooden pieces. When it comes to table saws, the power rating of the engine is quite critical, and the higher it is, the better.

In our opinion, this power rating of the motor is quite sufficient for the various applications.

Another great feature is the soft start functionality. It reduces the recoil and noise that is so characteristic of other table saws on the market. In our opinion, it helps you start the project in high spirits, knowing that you are going to achieve the best. The way you begin a project determines how it is going to end.

Some of the safety features that we find quite efficient and useful include the electric brake. If anything happens, this functionality stops the rotation of the blade within seconds. There is no delay, and that means you can quickly stop the machine before you lose your hand.

The bevel range of up to 45 degrees is another feature worth highlighting.


There are some quality issues that users highlight, and among them is durability. Make sure to exploit the Warranty terms in case something happens after you purchase.

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3. SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw – Best for the Money

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A yet another small and functional quality table saw for your DIY project is this one. It is quite compact in a way that we like, and it does not take so much space in your garage. We also like the 20 by 26-inch table top which is quite sufficient for working on. It is the base on which you can create your best work.

The surface is cast iron aluminum for durability. You will also find that it is smooth, and does not leave anything on the wood that you are working on. But is this the only point of strength and durability? Of course not!

The stand is also heavy-duty steel and provides stability and strength to work efficiently. You, therefore, have a stable surface to work on without any problem. Most DIYers will find the three, and a half inch cut height to be quite sufficient.

And to ensure enhanced accuracy, the rip fence is self-aligning. You, therefore, get accurate measurements to make you efficient in the project.

And to make it easy to store, the table saw comes with a foldable stand with a mount. It folds quickly and effortlessly in a way that is quite pleasing to the user.


Weighing 67 lbs, the table saw is quite substantial. It is heavier than some of its counterparts, and may not be easy to move around. Also, the miter channels may not be what you can refer to as standard.

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4. Bosch GTS1031 Table Saw

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The following Bosch gts1031 review highlights this table saw as one of the most portable that you would find on the market. It has this compact design that makes it take only a small space in your garage or shed. The table saw is the most appropriate for those people that want a machine to help them make their DIY ideas a reality.

The most lightweight and compact table saws on the market are not always the best quality. However, this device comes with all the features that you may want to complete a project anywhere even outdoors successfully. But you will need a power outlet.

You will notice that the table saw has an all-steel base for durability and strength. It can easily take the pressures and stress associated with different job sites.

The self-aligning lock rip fence is another useful feature that makes it easy to use and achieve accuracy. It gives you cutting consistency that you need in your project. You can, therefore, make the best cuts to help you achieve exceptional quality in your DIY Project.

Other features that include the riving knife system, Anti-kickback pawls, and smart guard all combine to give you excellent control of the machine. You are more efficient if you can control the device adequately.

Furthermore, the table saw is quite versatile, and you can use it on a variety of applications. It is also quite convenient, and using it is fun. It is a machinery that we love in every sense.


There are several complaints that the motor vibration makes the bolts in the blade lose. Therefore, you may need to keep tightening them to achieve accuracy.

Comparing it with other premium table saws, the quality of this product is a bit low.

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5. DEWALT DWE7490X 10-Inch Job Site Table Saw

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The well-designed table saw is without a doubt one of the most functional that you’ll come across. It has a good design and a proper height that makes using it to be quite straightforward. In our opinion, it is the best affordable table saw that would help you with your projects.

What also makes it the best home table saw is its compact design and portability. Several DeWalt portable tables saw reviews highlight this fact, and that shows its usefulness as a DIY tool.

But just because it is lightweight and compact does not mean that it is not durable. In contrast, the entire construction is durable metal to overcome their abuse associated with different types of job sites.

The 2.5 inches dust port makes it easy to clean. One of the most user-friendly features is the modular guarding system that allows simple adjustments for accuracy and speed. You don’t waste time adjusting or trying to keep everything in place as the machine cuts.

The rip capacity of the telescoping fence is a decent 24-1/2-inch. It is one of the best, and what makes it the most appropriate job site table saw for woodworking.


The fence locking mechanism can sometimes be hard to use. It seems to stick a little bit, and it requires a significant amount of effort to keep it in place. That may be an issue with a few products, or what we can call a case of a few bad apples. All the same, it is important to highlight it.

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Buying Guide: Table Saw Under $500

Typically, coming across a table saw that is under $500 is not so difficult. There is a wide variety of options on the market, and all you need is to choose the right one for you. However, you must make sure that you choose the best if at all you are going to spend a significant amount of money on a tall. There is a saying, money doesn’t grow on trees, and it pretty much applies in this case.

Get the best value for your money, and you will enjoy using the best portable table saw for the DIY projects. One principle that everyone should adopt is, if you’re going to get a particular device, why not choose the best? The following factors will help you choose the best.


The weight of the table saw pretty much depends on your preferences and needs. What are you going to be using the table saw to create? Is it a DIY Project, or you need the best budget table saw for professional woodworking? If the table so is for professional woodworking, then you will need the more massive cabinet type of table saw.

Cabinet table saws are more powerful, and stable compared to the other varieties. Unfortunately, cabinet table saws are not what you can call portable. If anything, they are quite significant, and you cannot dream of moving them from one place to the other. In that case, they may not be ideal for DIY projects. But that is for some people that require portability.

Contractor table saws are more comfortable to carry and are lightweight. However, they are not all the same weight, and you may need to determine which is the most appropriate for you. If you have a project in mind that requires you to go to the outdoors, then a very lightweight table saw is what you need.


Accuracy in making the cuts is critical especially when it comes to table saws. There’s no use in purchasing a table saw that is quite powerful but is not precise. It would be like having a power hand saw.

Before you can purchase the best cheap table saw, make sure you watch videos where it is cutting different types of angles. You may also want to read online reviews to determine the quality of the device. A table saw that you continuously have to change the measurement is not something that you should be having. The idea of having a tool like a table saw is to help you in doing the DIY projects. It should make it easy for you, not be complicated in any way. Machines should make your work easier.


Make sure that the table saw has all the necessary safety features before you make the purchase. Some of the critical elements in the best table saw for the money include kickback protection and several guards to prevent getting a nasty cut on your hand.

Final Note

The best table saw under 500 is a decent machine that every woodworker or hobbyist will find quite useful. And since you’ll be spending some significant amounts on a device, it doesn’t hurt to take some time to choose the best. Take your time, and you will not regret getting something that is both a risky hazard and a liability.

It can be quite painful after spending so much on it. The best table saw is something like the above suggestions. Choose any of them without any anxiety, and enjoy making some beautiful pieces that will make everyone take notice of your talent.

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